5 Best Welding Pants In 2021 Reviewed & Rated

best welding pants

Without taking much time, the winner is Wrangler Riggs Relaxed Fit Jeans. The extremely comfortable, sturdy and fire-retardant jeans are what you all need. The reinforced stitching keeps them durable and the tough fabric saves you from uninvited accidents.

The welding pants are the workwear which is immensely important for the safety of your lower body. While welding, it is natural that you expose to heat, fire, electrical wires, spatters and all the possible heating elements. 

However, a perfect pair of pants which meet the needed fire-resistant and electrical standards will do its job. Thus, I have listed my top 5 best welding pants to give a single stop to finalize your choice.

5 Best Welding Pants In 2021 With Reviews

1. Wrangler Riggs Relaxed Fit Jeans

Wrangler is one of the most popular brands for its Riggs workwear. Room to move, relaxed seat and thigh, most importantly flame-resistant is what passionate welders look for in the pants. 

These relaxed, casual yet stylish pants are made of 100% cotton material which is durable because of their top-notch stitching quality. This gives them a complete finish with an addition of Nomex flame-resistant zipper tape.

Besides reinforced stitching, these jeans have sturdy front and back pockets. Also, there is an extra-large watch pocket which adds to the overall onboard storage place.

Further, the waistband arc-resistant closure button along with a hidden inner tack largely minimizes the heat conductivity. Thus, closing almost all the routes for entering heat.

This whole structure and material of these jeans are so sturdy that it easily stops sharp tools or pointed edges to penetrate through.

Also, these relaxed-fit jeans allow an easy movement while working. From flexibility to breathability, they have it all. Even, this design has a boot cut leg which comfortably fits over your welding boots. 

Another advantage is that Wrangler jeans is CAL/CM2 and CAT2/2112/22 certified. This implies that it is safe for welding jobs.

In short, this pair of jeans have a fire-resistant finish. Hence, it provides sufficient insulation against flares and excessive heat. So, these are definitely a great option to consider.


  • Extremely durable and comfortable
  • Relaxed and loose fitted jean
  • Meets the required safety standards
  • Flame-resistant fabric
  • Denim look cotton jean


  • You may find it more comfortable after the first wash.
  • Breathability may disturb you.

2. Dickies Men’s Original 874 Pants

The next one on my list is sturdy and stunning pants by Dickies. DIckies is now almost a century old brand who puts all their expertise and experience on each pair of pants coming out from their warehouse.

The stuff of these men’s classic pants is 65% polyester and 35% cotton. These poly-cotton twill pants are perfect for easy care and rough wear. Therefore, these require low maintenance and can be machine washed.

Although these amazing pair of pants have quite simple looks, they have a sturdy functionality. Right from the durable tunnel belt loops, these comprise a hook-and-eye waist closure with a strong ratcheting brass zipper. These Dickies pants feature side seam front pockets and welt pockets at the back for flap-free contour.

Welding can be a messy job. Since these pants are stain and wrinkle resistant. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about ironing and sometimes even washing them. You can pull a significant number of days with it.

Not only this but these are also available in different fade-resistant colours that keep the look intact for a decent amount of time. So, all the crazy hobbyists can wear it for both hard wear and formal smart look. 

Coming to the amazing fit, their flattering style is what makes them so lovable. These comprise a rise that sits at the waist and with a little tapered leg. Such a design usually keeps you comfortable and relaxed.

The cotton blend material of this pair of pants is not that heat-resistant or may not be able to survive for long hours while you weld. However, an exclusive flame and heat-resistance cloth on top of it may enhance the level of protection.

In short, this terrific pair of pants is indeed a great choice in terms of comfort, durability and looks. However, in the case of the long duration welding process, you may need an extra veil to save you from heat and intensive flames.


  • Comfortable and elegant pant
  • Comprises both cotton and polyester
  • Stain and wrinkle-resistant
  • Machine wash
  • Apt for rugged use


  • Waist size may bother you a little.

3. Carhartt Rugged Relaxed Fit Pants

The all-time favourite rugged khaki pants by Carhartt are certainly a work-ready and tough fabric workwear. These safe, comfortable and classy pants are made with 100% sturdy cotton.

This material gives decent insulation against flares, flying sparks or spatters and extreme heat. As a welder, you are always exposed to hot surfaces, warm metal tools and whatnot, so it becomes mandatory to keep your safety first and then proceed.

However, you cannot avoid sweat as you always work in a warm environment. So, the moisture-wicking attribute of these terrific pants keeps you comfortable and moisture-free.

The wear or removal of this pair of khaki pants becomes quite an easy task with fast button closure. Further, these can be machine-washed and don’t require extra care to survive for long-lasting performance.

To add in the comfort, these pants are extremely lightweight and weighs only 9.25 ounces. Also, with their elegant look, you need not bother about dressing up as these work great for both casual and formal look.

Coming to the looks, these comprise a pair of welted pockets and a cell-phone pocket. These pockets are sufficient to store your handy tools, fillers and so on.

In short, these pants are works great in terms of your overall productivity and safety. With a great look, they durable with a rich construction and will not disappoint you.


  • Comfortable straight leg opening
  • Utility pockets
  • Reinforced belt loops
  • 100% cotton ring-spun peached twill
  • Relaxed fit


  • Sizing may be an issue

4. Dickies Relaxed Straight Lightweight Jeans

Relaxed fit, long-lasting durability and resistance to flames are some important of the attributes which are there in this lightweight jeans by Dickies. 

You often sit, stoop, stand or bend while welding, this pair of jeans gives an extra room in seat and thigh with its relaxed fitting. Such loose and flexible fitted jeans are never an obstacle in your manufacturing and fabrication process.

The next advantage of these jeans is its weight which is 12 ounce. Also, these are made of heavyweight duck which is double-filled heavy cotton fabric. This fabric is handy, versatile, and largely used in heavy-duty applications.

Further, the sturdiness of these jeans is reinforced with triple-stitched toughness at seat, yoke and side seams. There are deep front and rear pockets left leg hammer loop and a utility pocket. 

Moreover, the 5 stylish pockets including a coin pocket have superior construction of Dickies signature stitching. All these features make these jeans a valuable investment.

The straight leg fits comfortably fits over your workboots. Also, these rugged jeans are extra durable with its brass rivets and heavy-duty brass zippers. These rivets avoid rips and tear at stress areas.

In short, this quality denimwear by Dickies leaves no chance to fight back with rough and tough challenges. The classic styles, trusted name and unmatched value make them worth your money.


  • Top-notch reinforced stitching
  • Lightweight 100% cotton fabric
  • 5 pocket styling
  • Relaxed fit over boots
  • Extra space in thigh and seat


  • It may wrinkle after machine wash.
  • Relaxed fit may look baggy on lean people.

5. Wrangler Riggs Flame Resistant (FR) Jeans

Another from Wrangler is Flame-resistant jeans which are a crucial factor in welding. Since jeans are ruling over a majority of the welder’s workspace, I have added this one as per your interest.

These 100% fire-resistant cotton jeans weigh around 14.5 ounces. Though these are heavier than their contemporaries, this weight adds to their heavy-duty workmanship and durability.

These are made with pre-washed heavyweight broken twill denim which prevents its legs from twisting while you put it for machine-wash. Also, twill material is heavier than the common cotton fabric and the distinctive diagonal pattern makes it elegant and sturdy cloth.

These blue jeans comprise 5 pockets fire-resistant material which is beneficial while you are engrossed in your welding projects. It doesn’t allow heat or flames to penetrate and reach your skin. Also, the pockets are 13 inches deep so that your tools don’t jump out easily.

As a welder you always have every size of tools so to keep them handy, these jeans have reinforced two rear pockets, 2 front pockets and an oversized watch pocket.

Another notable point is ample of room for easy movement while stooping, sitting, bending etc. These give a comfortable fit in the thigh, seat and all over the legs region.

These pair of jeans are OSHA 29 CFR 1910.269, NFPA-70E, ASTM F1506-02ael compliant. Also, these are NFPA 2112, HRC 2 etc FR specifications. Thus, these meet or extend all the safety standards which prove that it is safe to wear them while you weld.

In short, these are a great choice which meets the rigorous FR standards. Additionally, the top-quality stitching makes them durable and loose structure keeps you comfortable throughout the day.


  • Sturdy zipper closure
  • Comfortable original fit
  • Arc-resistant waistband button
  • Durable and rugged seams
  • FR standards compliant
  • 5-pocket design


  • You may feel stiff for initial few days.

How to Choose the Best Welding Pants in 2021

Safety standards

Since you are here to choose welding pants so there is no space of compromise with the safety and flame-resistant standards. The National Fire Prevention Association, NFPA 2112 compliant pants will protect you against flash or sparks.

Also, if the pants are NFPA 70E compliant, you will be protected against electrical hazards. Therefore, it is quite a crucial factor to look for before getting a suitable pair of welding pants.

Stitching Quality

Durability and long-lasting material largely depend on the stitching quality. However, your first priority is welding so you have to take care of the flexibility.

There are stooping, standing, bending, sitting and other random postures involved while you work. The welding pants should give you enough room to move and top-notch seams which can keep it intact for a long time.

Breathability and Thickness

In extreme heat conditions, sometimes sweat makes it difficult to work. To avoid that breathable and lightweight material welding pants is a must.

You may go for jeans, cargo pants which are light in weight and yet durable. But make sure that they are thick enough to prevent sharp or pointed objects penetrate.


Broadly, there are broadly two materials, cotton and Nomex, which are the most preferred fabrics for welding pants. The heavyweight cotton duck fabric is double filled. It is tightly woven with reinforced stitching and is giggly resistant to tearing.

Most of the jeans are made with this heavyweight duck cotton which works great against extreme heat and flames.

The other material is Nomex which is used in pants or trousers and it is very much like nylon. It is durable, breathable and yet comfortable and most preferred in a workspace where fire or sparks are involved.

Another material is Indura which is 100% cotton treated with fire-resistant polymers. It provides protection against heat and fire so you may also consider this material in your list.


Most of the welding pants or jeans have 4 to 5 pockets in number. These include 2 in front, 2 in the rear and a long deep pocket on the side. These pockets are of great help when you want your tools and other small equipment handy. 

Summing it Up

In my opinion, Wrangler Riggs Relaxed Fit Jeans is the best welding workwear for all the young and professional welders out there. 

Right from the material, style and durability, it has certainly topped all the necessary parameters which you look for. These rugged jeans comply with all the needed fire-resistant safety standards.

Even Dickies and Carhartt workwear are quite durable and sturdy in performance. You can consider them as well and then finalize your choice after checking all your requirements. Long Live Welding!!!

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