5 Best Welding Jackets In 2021 Reviewed & Rated

best welding jackets

The BSX BX9C Flames Cotton is the best welding jacket you will ever try. With a standup welding collar, flame resistant ability, and being lightweight, this welding jacket has perfectly mastered all the features.

Welding jackets are an essential item in your kit of protective equipment for any welding projects. Your arms, torso, and necks are always exposed to weld splatter, sparks, and UV radiation during any welding project. In such cases, the welding jacket will perfectly protect you from exposure and severe burns. 

The welding jackets must be entirely made up of fire resisting material and thermally insulating materials so that they can adequately protect you from severe burns during welding jobs. 

Finding the perfect blend of comfort, safety, and quality which can justify your investment can be challenging. To help you get the best welding jacket, I have listed some of the best welding jackets currently available in the market. Choosing a low-quality welding jacket will always leave you at the risk of personal injury as well as sweaty discomfort.

1. BSX BX9C Black W/Red Flames Cotton Welding Jacket

The BX9C jacket made by the BSX brand is entirely flame-resistant and is made up of cotton to provide flexibility. It is the best and most trusted jacket for welding purposes that I have ever come across, more so as it prevents you from sweating inside. 

The jacket possesses a standup welder collar to protect your neck from flames and burns. The length of the collar is extended in front to offer more protection.

Moreover, this welding jacket does not have any open pockets where the flame can land and ignite, making it much more promising. It also has adjustable waist straps to provide a more fitted look. 

This jacket also has a duty split cowhide chest that provides superior protection for welding with a stick. It also possesses a flap pocket on both sides with a pencil holder slot in each of it.

Talking about its comforts, I must then say that this BX9C jacket is lightweight, flexible, and durable. It also has a stylish look with black colour, red trims, and flames. It is suitable for working in warm climates, however, it is not ideal for working in the heavy-duty colder climates. This is because it has a 9-ounce fabric inside it, which is not enough to protect you from the cold.

Furthermore, it can cover up the entire body with its ample space inside it and provides maximum protection. With its dimensions of 10 x 16 x 1.5 inches, the jacket weighs around 1.5 pounds. It is quite decent for a person and has a chest-length of 45 to 49 inches to provide maximum comfort as it provides ample space for proper air circulation and does not cause any sweating.

In short, this is one of the best welding jackets that the company manufactures, meeting all the requirements of high safety and visibility. This welding jacket uses modern design to create a better fitting, better looking, and more comfortable protective garment.


  • Perfect during the hot summers
  • Available in the fold in snap cuff style and snap button style
  • Lightweight as well as breathable
  • Shields the skin and clothes effectively
  • Perfect for small welding purposes


  • Not suitable for heavy welding jobs
  • Completely lacking in durability

2. Lincoln Electric Heavy Duty Leather Welding Jacket

The Lincoln welding jackets are durable and heavy and can withstand a possible exposure to sparks, heat, or splatter. The front part and the sides of the jacket are entirely made up of durable split leather.

Therefore, making it so excellent in protecting from sparks, heat, and splatter, all of the common phenomena in the case of welding. This also makes it one of the significant jackets for grinding purposes as well.

The sleeves of the welding jacket are adjustable, and you can adjust down the collar for better breathing or superior protection up to the neck. It has a flame retardant cotton with a mesh-like back that allows maximum air circulation inside.

While welding, you always prefer to have better flexibility for even as well as a smooth weld. This jacket has a unique two-armpit design that enhances maneuverability and flexibility.

Moreover, the Lincoln electric jacket is perfect for welding in any season. The tough leather in the jacket provides enough warmth and protection for welding in the winter season without being uncomfortable and cold.

Due to the cotton-lined back and the mesh, it provides you with a pleasant experience for welding in the warm summer months as well. This jacket can fit any person as it has five adjustable sizes starting from medium to XXXL.

However, you just need to keep in mind that this jacket is a bit heavy, and it might take some time for you to adjust due to its weight. The Lincoln electric jacket is one of the best welding jackets available in the market these days.

In short, this jacket is one of the best welding jackets currently available in the market. With proper protection for welding and providing decent warmth to the wearers while working in cold weather, this jacket offers a perfect look for our customers’ meeting all the requirements.


  • Durable and comfortable to wear
  • value for money
  • Trusted and used by professionals.
  • Allows free-flowing mobility and will enable you to work comfortably.


  • Not suitable while welding aluminum and other heavy-duty metalwork.

3. Gotega Heat & Flame Resistant Welding Jacket

This jacket can very well be considered as an apron rather than a proper welding jacket. Nevertheless, this Gogeta apron cum welding jacket is one of the excellent pieces of protective equipment that can be considered as a necessity for your future projects.

The jacket is made up of heavy-duty, high quality split cowhide leather and is perfectly designed to protect you from the flames, natural wear and tear as well as scalding. 

It quickly covers the whole upper part of the body, starting from the person’s upper neck portion up to the knee. The jacket also has a thick as well as a long sleeve that can perfectly protect your arm.

With velcro at the collar and two adjustable straps behind to secure it correctly, the jacket cum apron is very easy to wear as well as incredibly ergonomic. It has a 41-inch length size with a 22-inch shoulder size to comfortably fit every person.

Moreover, this jacket has an entirely open backside, and thus you will not get overheated inside it. So it is excellent for use in hotter environments as well as the other seasons. It does not have any liner sets, but the jacket is ergonomically effective.

This jacket is made not only for welding purposes, but it can also be used for many other household works. You may use it as a carpenter apron, blacksmith apron, gardener apron, as well as a farrier apron. The apron has a weight of around 3.59 pounds, which is quite decent for a person to carry for any purpose. Overall, this is one of the best apron cum jackets that are present nowadays.

To sum up, this is a perfect jacket for any welding purpose in any season. This jacket is a must inclusion in your welding arsenal with a wide range of features to protect you from any severe injuries.


  • A durable cowhide that ensures complete protection
  • Uses fewer materials
  • It is easy to put on
  • The jacket is unisex and fits any size


  • The quality of the straps may bother you. It may need frequent replacements.
  • In rare cases, the jacket provides no back protection.

4. Waylander Split Cowhide Welding Jacket

If you prefer lightweight welding jackets with excellent protection, go for this Waylander welding jacket without any choice. This jacket offers full protection from heat, slag, and splatter while also being versatile as well as comfortable. 

The welding jacket is unique because its shell is made up of two different materials. The neck, sleeve, and shoulder are made up of durable, grade A cowhide leather. At the same time, the back and front part of the jacket is made up of high-quality and thick fire-retardant cotton.

It is stitched entirely with a fire-resistant Kevlar thread and also is highly comfortable. The split use of leather in the jacket cuts off its weight, and the cotton allows the wearer to move with more flexibility and mobility while cutting down the heat build-up on wearing while working.

Moreover, the inside of this jacket is also quite impressive, just like the outer side. The sleeves are made up of satin, making it easier to put on and making the jacket much more comfortable in instances where the bare arms would be against the leather sleeves.

The sleeves of this jacket are entirely adjustable using the multiple buttons on it, so no matter how thin and thick your arms are, they will easily fit inside the sleeves. 

Further, the jacket also has pockets inside it. It allows your small personal things to be with you, safe from the welding job you are doing.

In short, it is a great welding jacket, available in four different sizes for all, right from medium to 4XL. To add on, the Waylander welding jacket is the best lightweight jacket currently available in the market.


  • Three material construction for protection and comfort
  • Fire-resistant despite being lightweight
  • Classy and elegant


  • It has a tight neck which may be problematic for heavy people.
  • Less durable than a full leather jacket.

5. West Chester IRONCAT 7005 Heat Resistant Welding Jacket

The leather jacket with heat-resisting properties is specially made to protect you from splattering as well as spark. This tanned welding jacket is ideally used in automotive, steel mills, gas welding, shipyards, and other industries for the welding purpose.

The west Chester welding jacket is entirely made up of cowhide leather that consists of a side pocket to keep personal documents while welding. It also has a soapstone storage pocket on each of its sleeves. The safety jacket is reinforced with additional leather.

Moreover, it is sewn with high strength Kevlar thread that offers maximum heat resistance. Black anodized snaps and corrosion-resistant rivets are placed in the high-stress areas to ensure the jacket’s more extended life. The jacket also provides easy movement, especially with the softer and more flexible glove-tanned finish.

The welding jacket features underarm gussets to ensure a secure as well as a comfortable fit. The wrist portion of this work safety welding jacket can be adjusted according to the needs of the person wearing it.

The 2X large size of the welding jacket is 30 inches wide around the chest and 26 inches sleeve length that provides more surface area for air circulation and prevents the person from sweating inside. The jacket possesses a high leather collar with a good degree of comfortability.

Moreover, the item also weighs around 0.28 grams, which is relatively less for a person to adjust comfortably. Summing up, the west Chester welding jacket is lightweight and is one of the best and comfortable jackets currently available in the present-day market.

Summing up, the west Chester welding jacket is lightweight and has lightweight leather for flexible movement. It is one of the best and comfortable jackets currently available in the present-day market. 


  • Flexible leather for easy movement
  • Large pocket on the waist
  • Reinforced with steel rivets
  • Glove tanned for easy cleaning
  • Adjustable wrist cuffs


  • It may not be that apt for warm weather
  • At times, the sizes run large.

How to Choose the Best Welding Jackets in 2021?


Various materials like carbon fibre, cotton, leather, rubber, sateen, nylon, denim, and a combination of aramid and rayon are used for the welding jackets. These jackets are manufactured either in combination or with only one material.

The best and popular rated material is the combination of leather and cotton for the welding jackets, to provide comfort and safety while working.

Spatter and Fire-Resistant

Welding involves flames, sparks, spatters and heat, therefore, the material of your personal protective equipment should strictly meet or exceed FR standards. 

So safety is a critical factor that needs your extra attention to prevent any mishap or uninvited tragedies. Keeping this in mind, you may choose that one perfect workwear for yourself.


The welding jackets come in moderate size, starting from small to 4 L or 5 XL. Choosing and finding the correct size is essential for performing the welding task safely and comfortably. 

One has to check the size of the sleeves and chest by wrapping a measuring tape properly. Compare and match the size requirements given in the description and find your perfect jacket.


The color of the welding jacket is another essential factor to help you choose the best jackets. However, it is always encouraged to choose a dull color that cannot reflect the light when you are looking for the best options in the market. 

When making choices about color, you should always be able to make your proper choice while finding ways to protect yourself. It will, in turn, help you look beautiful.


While purchasing a welding jacket from the market, its durability will always protect you for a long time. This, in turn, will also save your bucks, and you will get the best one for a longer time. The quality of the material will highly affect the durability of your jacket. 

A cotton jacket is much more durable as compared to a leather jacket. If your jacket is not durable enough, you will have to replace it frequently, which will increase your cost and reduce your project speed.


Among the other factors, getting the right weld also requires that you are properly comfortable during your welding project. Your jacket should offer not just safety, but maximum comfort as well. 

According to the reports, it has been noted that cotton jackets provide a maximum level of comfort. The welding jackets that are made up of leather provide more protection, but their level of comfort is lesser than cotton jackets.

Different Types of Welding Jackets

Leather Welding Jackets

These jackets are created by the tanning of animal hides. The welding jackets made up of leather are very durable and exhibit good thermal and heat-resisting abilities. The material usually comes from cows and pigs, but they are also available from the deers as well as elks.

The leather welding jackets dry up considerably over time. These jackets are usually split or top-grain, a tanning material used to make products that are less abrasive to the skin.

These welding jackets help you to stay safe and protect you from potential risks. With the leather welding jackets, you can have good peace of mind as welding is a dangerous job where the welder has to deal with sparks, splatter, and heat.

Cotton Welding Jackets

Although cotton is very flammable, altering their nature with chemical substances makes it a fire-resistant product. It has lower durability than the leather jackets but is more flexible. Sateen, a derivative of cotton, is used to make welding jackets that have a softer feel but are resistant to fire.

Cotton is sometimes mixed with nylon fiber to make welding jackets. On combining it with nylon, the jacket becomes lightweight, stretchable as well as making it a suitable product as a protective gear. 

Aramid or Rayon Welding Jackets

A combination of two different synthetic fibers, the welding jackets composed of enhanced rayon and aramids, offer tight-fitting designs with proper splatter resistance. Enhanced rayon covers make the jacket comfortable and durable, but it is non-insulating.

The aramid is mainly responsible for heat and flame protection. These jackets are perfectly suitable for the heavy-duty and the industrial welding purposes as it requires extensive burn protection. It also provides better breathability and flexibility.

Carbon Fiber Welding Jacket

These welding jackets are better known for high-temperature-resistant capability when they are appropriately combined with graphite. These welding jackets need processing before manufacture to make them stiff.

These jackets are lightweight but are highly potent for protecting you from heat and splatters. It has excellent dimensional stability and excellent thermal characteristics. These welding jackets can positively conduct the electric current.

Denim and Rubber Welding Jackets

Although denim and rubber are not optimum for creating welding jackets, denim is a rugged and thick material that can protect welders from operations having low intensity and volume.

The rubber, on the other hand, is also not perfect for making welding jackets, but like the denim jackets, it also can provide resistance to the welders from fire and splatters in the welding jobs having low pressure and intensity.

Summing it Up

The best welding jacket that got the highest priority on my list is the BSX BX9C Flames Cotton. With excellent features like a standup collar to protect your neck, high flame resisting ability, lightweight and flexible, this jacket is a perfect wear for a professional welder. 

This welding jacket perfectly protects the welders from fire splatters. The jacket also allows free-flowing movement of the arms and can withstand abrasion and heavy friction. The jacket can be used for all welding processes and positions.

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