5 Best Welding Gloves In 2021 Reviewed & Rated

best welding gloves

Undoubtedly, RAPICCA Leather Forge welding gloves are the best hand safety solution from my list. The extremely thick, flame-heat resistant with extra-long gloves are suitable for both TIG and MIG fabrication processes.

Of all the safety gears used in welding, welding gloves hold an important place to save your hands from all the potential risks. The risks can be extreme heat, spatters, sparks and electric shock. 

Even as per the ANSI Standard, it is mandatory for the welders to wear the gloves while welding. In the upcoming sections, I have summarized the various aspects you should know before investing in the best welding gloves. Let’s scroll! 

5 Best Welding Gloves In 2021 With Reviews

1. RAPICCA Leather Forge Welding Gloves 

Heat-resistant, robust stitching and at par performance are a few attributes of welding gloves by RAPICCA. Famous for a select range of hand protection accessories, this pair is certainly all about safety, not luxury.

This pair is the first love of most of the welders. The first key feature is the versatility, not only for MIG, you can use it for TIG welding as well. 

As a welder, you have to face the various intensity of flames. However, this becomes easy with these thick leather beauties which are flame-resistant. This material protects your hands and forearms from sparks, spatters etc. 

Coming to the lining part, it is made of Kevlar insulated cotton. Also, this lining comes with air-isolated aluminium foil. This double layering with recently reinforced Kevlar padding covers your fingers, palms and even the back of your hands. 

In addition to this kevlar layer, these gloves can withstand temperatures up to 932° F or 500° C. Besides flame and heat-resistant, the 100% lining of soft cotton interiors is sweat absorbent.

Furthermore, the long and extra-long length of these gloves gives full-protection to your forearms. Always remember to check the length should be extended till your elbow, this saves you from grinding debris, flying spatters and welding heat.

In short, these gloves offer complete protection to your hand including, your back of hand, forearms and palm. Thus, this could be a durable, thick and long-lasting choice for you.


  • Responds well against extreme heat
  • Heat and flame-resistant
  • Extra-long cuffs
  • Reinforced double layer Kevaler padding
  • Durable and thick


  • The interior lining of the gloves may have loose-fitting

2. US Forge 400 Welding Gloves

The vibrant blue coloured welding gloves are a great addition to the series by US Forge 400. With an extremely comfortable construction, these gloves are sturdy and give a high level of protection to the welder. 

In these gloves, there is an extremely comfortable cotton lining which provides dexterity to your hands. Besides, the top-grain leather fabric adds to the softness and overall finger movements. 

The lock-stitching in these gloves makes them durable and much more robust. Also, the reinforced regions in the palms and fingers provide strength to your grip. 

Not only this, but they are also lightweight as well as durable. This construction makes them suitable for handling molten materials. Aso, overall the gloves give resistance against heat and wear and tear.

In short, these premium quality gloves are great for holding fillers or other tools while welding. Though they are less in weight but successfully fives all the needed protection to your hands.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Strong grip with a reinforced lining
  • Comprises premium top-grain leather
  • Soft and flexible


  • The colour may fade after regular use.

3. Lincoln Electric Welding Gloves

More than a decade old brand, Lincoln Electric is known for its flame and heat-resistant split leather welding gloves. This pair works great for robotic welding, cutting systems and manufacturing processes.

These all-leather constructed gloves are designed to handle distinct applications and fabrication solutions. The outside leather guards your wrist and hands against intense flames, sparks and spatters. Plus, this covering provides resistance against heat as well.

Moreover, each and every seam of the gloves are strengthened with a piece of leather which is called welt. This welt enhances the durability and greatly avoids tear of the gloves.

These gloves comprise a cotton lining to save your hands from front and back against intense flames. Additionally, the cotton twill present inside the cuff liner perfectly absorbs the sweat and keeps your grip strong and hands moisture-free.

Lincoln Electric is popular among welders for its consistency in quality. All the gloves are strictly manufactured as per the standards and specifications to give great functionality with the consistent fit.

In short, these gloves are impact and heat resistant. The strong all leather construction with sturdy welt lining makes it a long-lasting companion to carry out your welding and manufacturing projects. 


  • Versatile and flexible style
  • Durable and well-reinforced construction
  • Comprises black split cowhide
  • Extra thumb pad in wear prone area
  • Kevlar stitching gives knuckle protection 
  • Great for challenging environments 


  • You may find an issue with heat-resistance.
  • You may get bothered because of sizing.

4. KIM YUAN Extreme Heat & Fire Resistant Welding Gloves

The classy black-grey KIM YUAN welding glove is 14 inches long with the flexibility to work in various environments. This brand is a professional manufacturer of welding gloves whose aim is to give utmost protection to your hands and forearms. 

These gloves are made out of particular parts of a cow which are thick and soft at the same time and are great to resist heat and fire. Not only this, but the material is so flexible that it also gives resistance against moderate oil, cut and puncture. 

The quality of construction of these gloves make them effective and simultaneously increase your overall efficiency.

These gloves are made of soft and delicate cotton interior which certainly enhances the level of comfort. Further, the cuffs are made out of denim or jean fabric to make them thicker. SUch heat-resistant and stubborn manufacturing adds to productivity. 

Till now, you must be aware of the durability of Kevlar stitching. So, these gloves have kevlar thread to make it resistant to extreme temperatures. Plus, this stitching is hard-to-break and works great at high temperatures. 

In addition to this stitching, The palm and hand area is reinforced and cushioned to work safely with sharp and heavy-weight objects. These gloves are certainly a blessing while holding or gripping hot materials or tools. 

All the above-cited attributes indicate that these gloves are for MIG as well as for stick welding. However, I do not recommend these for TIG welding as they don’t provide enough dexterity for its working environments. 

In short, with kevlar stitching with heavy denim cuffs and reinforced patches, these gloves are great for performing in high temperatures. Also, they provide a full-coverage well up to forearm against any sparks or spatters. 


  • Strong and extremely durable construction
  • Comprises cowhide leather of 1.2mm thickness
  • Full-protection till forearm
  • Thick lining 
  • Soft and flexible 


  • You may not find it consistent for too high temperatures.

5. Caiman White Goatskin Welding Gloves

If you are greatly into both TIG and MIG welding, then these welding gloves by Caiman is apt for you. The goatskin is widely preferred for both these kinds of welding techniques. So, these gloves are made out of goat grain leather material which is resilient and extremely durable. 

The leather used in the construction extends proper support for hand movements and hence provides dexterity to handle various manufacturing operations. Besides dexterity, this pair provides a supreme level of comfort and softness. 

These gloves feature 4-inch long cuffs of long split leather. Because of the quality, these successfully protect your hands and forearms from flying objects and spatters. However, the cuffs are firm but they manage to give the needed safety. 

These Caiman’s gloves can tolerate the abuse of several hours without giving up easily. The seams are reinforced and hold well for MIG and TIG welding.

In short, the most notable thing about these gloves is the goatskin material which is highly preferred for moderate to high temperatures of welding. 


  • Lightweight, soft and extremely comfortable
  • Made out of durable goat grain leather
  • Offers enough dexterity for TIG and MIG welding
  • Extends protection to your forearms as well


  • You may find the length a little short
  • You may find the cuffs a little stiff for initial uses. 

How to Choose the Best Welding Gloves in 2021

Gloves Size

The glove size includes the cuff length, glove fitting and the grip of your gloves. The cuff length of the gloves should be sufficiently long to protect the area beyond your wrist. This region is prone to excessive heat, sparks and spatters. 

The long cuffs with snug fitting and comfortable grip will give you shield from the high-intensity arc. So choose it carefully. 

Lining and Dexterity

The lining is a critical factor as the material used for it decides the extent of dexterity, you are going to get. Like. Though fleece lining is comfortable but could be a challenge to take off with sweaty hands in it.

Wool lining offers great flexibility but gives less resistance to heat. So, if you are doing stick welding, you can opt for robust gloves. Whereas, for MIG welding, you have to go for fleece lining for dexterity. 

Stitching Style

The most common thread for stitching welding gloves is Kevlar. It is because it is heat-resistant and is much stronger than other available threads. 

Also, it is so resistant towards high heat that it will never fall apart. Thus, Kevlar stitching is made to last long and provides pretty good durability as compared to cotton stitched gloves. 

As per my experience, you may look for gloves with welted fingers to add extra sturdiness and protection to stitching.

Thumb Style

Similar to the size of the gloves, thumb style is another factor that you may consider. Broadly, there are two thumb styles: straight and wing. 

The wing thumb style gives an ergonomic structure to your thumb. Above all, many experts find it much more comfortable and durable than that of a straight thumb structure.

Welding Gloves Based on Material

1. Cowhide

The most common form of leather is cowhide. It is heat and flame resistant, sturdy, tough and durable. This material gives a considerable amount of insulation and comfortability. 

Though it is not as flexible as elkskin it is definitely long-lasting. You can feel free to wear them for MIG and stick welding however it doesn’t work well for TIG welding.

2. Deerskin

Deerskin gives you a sufficient room for movement with it’s comfortable and snug fit. Also, it is one of the favourite materials of welders because of its flexibility. 

It proved to be a thick material which is great for TIG welding. It is because it offers good protection against heat and even moulds to your hands. 

3. Elkskin

If stick welding is involved in your project, elkskin gloves are an ideal choice for you. It is one of the most reliable materials for high heat welding. 

Unlike cowhide gloves, it doesn’t become hard when exposed to an extremely hot environment. Also, it takes shapes of your hands and minimizes hand fatigue.

4. Goatskin

Goatskin gloves are lightweight, comfortable and provide enough dexterity. These attributes help you to easily handle the filler rods. 

Moreover, as compared to other materials, goatskin is flexible, soft and has good resistance for abrasion. Thus, it is suitable for TIG welding.

5. Horsehide

Although horsehide is not a very famous form of leather, it is a great option for TIG welding. It is tough and offers great dexterity.

6. Pigskin

Pigskin is a great leather, especially for wet and oily conditions as it dries up really fast. It is comparatively thinner than its contemporaries and hence offers low resistance to heat. 

Further, pigskin is a tough hide and provides flexibility to comfortably work all-day. The notable feature is its breathability and a good grip. It is an ideal choice for MIG and stick welding.

7. Kidskin

Kidskin is leather made out of young goats. These gloves are the thinnest among all the welding gloves and offer sufficient abrasion resistance and durability.

Keeping in view its material, it works well for TIG welding as it is lightweight, durable and supple.

Types of Welding Gloves

Your decision of getting welding gloves majorly depends on the type of welding you do. The broad three types of welding which are MIG, TIG and stick welding show different behaviour which immensely affects your choice. 

So let’s understand what gloves will give better performance for each of them.

MIG (Metal Inert Gas) Welding Gloves

MIG manifests high heat and produces spatters as compared to TIG welding. Therefore, to save your hands, your gloves should be thicker, flexible and with full-coverage. You may look for a few properties for the MIG gloves such as: 

  • Thin lining may be of fleece for easy movement. It should be thick, abrasion and heat-resistant.
  • The back of the hand should be sufficiently padded for protection against spatter and heat sparks
  • Ideal materials: top grain deerskin, cowhide and goatskin

TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) Welding Gloves

Unlike MIG welding, TIG creates less heat but requires more precision. Thus, it majorly depends on the dexterity and the thickness of the gloves.

The TIG gloves don’t need to be thick but should be flexible enough. Have a look at a few points for the gloves suitable for TIG Welding.

  • The gloves will be comparatively thinner that MIG gloves for comfortable maneuverability.
  • You may go for Kevlar thread.
  • MIG welding gloves cannot be used for TIG welding.
  • The lining of cotton foam or wool may work great.
  • Ideal materials: goatskin, deerskin, kidskin.

Stick Welding Gloves

Stick welding involves extremely high heat with sparks and flying spatters. Hence, your gloves should be sufficiently thick for complete protection of your hands. 

Further, the flexibility of gloves is not that important, like you need TIG or MIG welding. The reason is that it is much simpler than other types of the welding process. You may keep the following points in mind while searching for the perfect pair of gloves. 

  • The gloves should be heat-resistant
  • They must be robust and thick. However, you may compromise with flexibility.
  • Ideal Material: split-grain elkskin, pigskin or cowhide.

Summing it Up

With all the needed protection, comfort and dexterity, the champ of the best welding gloves is by RAPICCA Leather Forge. Made out of soft shoulder split natural cowhide of 1.5 mm thick, these gloves are well-equipped to give resistance against cut, puncture, heat, oil and whatnot. 

The reinforced double layer of kevlar padding gives cushion to palms, backs, elbows and fingers. Above all, you don’t need to search for various gloves for different fabrication or welding operations. It works great for TIG, MIG, stick and many more welding forms.

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