5 Best Welding Glasses In 2021 Reviewed & Rated

best welding glasses

For an instant result, Miller Electric is the best welding glasses on my list. This accessory is apt for TIG, Stick, MIG, gas welding as well as cutting. Its lightweight, full coverage and protection against sparks and particles make your investment worth in every aspect.

The welding glasses or you may call them goggles as well are one of the must accessories in your welding kit. They safeguard your eyes against high-intensity radiation, heat and flares which is produced during welding and cutting processes.

Additionally, these protect your eyes from sparks, spatters and debris too. Therefore, to make the right choice for yourself, Let’s have a look at my 5 best welding glasses which are decided on the basis of my vetting process. Time to dive in!!

5 Best Welding Glasses In [2020] With Reviews

1. Miller Electric Adjustable Welding Safety Goggles

Miller Adjustable Welding Goggles is equipped with customizable functions. It features extremely low profile design to give easy access to spaces which is impossible to weld with conventional welding helmets.

Since it is compact in design and easy to use, it enables the users to access difficult spaces for welds. The snug-fitting and lightweight design make it the top choice of veteran welders.

The welding glass has a unique compact design that delivers the ultimate protection for all special welding applications. Because of its compressed configuration, maintenance, repairing and welding becomes a breeze indeed. No strain on neck or face, owing to its lightweight design.

These glasses come with tight-fitting eye covering that rests snugly over your face to hinder the lighting of welds in bright environs. It comes with a compact face shield design that sits comfortably under the welding helmets without the need for additional accessories. 

Plus, the package includes replaceable silicone face covering that can be changed when needed. It proves to be cost-effective in the long run.

The welding goggles feature different darkening shades. You can choose shades from #5 to #7 for an extra darker view. The darker viewing offers ultimate protection during the plasma cutting and welding. Also, There is shade #3 for a clear vision between the welds. 

Besides, the fire-resistant headgear keeps you protected from light spatter and arc rays as it has full protecting face covering. For higher safety standards, it is designed in adherence with AS NZ, CE, CSA and ANSI standards.

What makes the Miller Welding Goggles truly amazing and top Editor’s Choice is the electronic features integrated into the goggles that are powered by a battery. It features a small control panel on its edges that allow the wearer to choose the level of protection for eyes and shades of darkness during operations.

In short, it works well for all beginner level and veteran welders. It comes with different shade options for ultra viewing experience. Plus, it offers full coverage and best protection for eyes during plasma cutting and welding.


  • Snug fitting and secure
  • Suitable to use with hardhats
  • Adjustable shades of darkness
  • Good protection for eyes and face with full coverage
  • Replaceable face covering


  • Not compatible with prescription glasses
  • Fog up in between welds
  • Shading is not 100% even always

2. YESWELDER True Color Auto Darkening Welding Glasses

YESWELDER is an excellent choice that every level of welders will love. These welding goggles come with an auto-darkening function. It is the prime feature that makes it the top choice of most welders. The function ensures that welders don’t have to fiddle with manual settings to make adjustments during welds. Therefore, saving time and making welds enjoyable.

The goggle’s functions are solar-powered. You don’t have to inspect the battery shelf life consistently now. You can work for extended hours without worrying about battery replacement.

The welding goggle has some versatile options in terms of its ability to switch between different shades. The goggle can automatically switch from shade #3 to shade #11. It makes it easier for welders to use these goggles for different applications because it changes the shades depending upon the welding process.

Another great thing about YESWELDER Welding Goggles is the “True Colour” feature. It helps the colour of the lenses to look as they are to the naked eye, despite having tinted lenses. The lenses offer the best quality viewing so that welders can see through clearly between welds.

What is more convenient about the welding goggles is how lightweight and compact it is. The design of the goggles is simple like traditional glasses. It comes with a full headband and features ear hooks like sunglasses that ensure snug fitting. 

Keep in mind that it is designed with an auto-darkening function that darkens the lenses up to level #11. It makes the glasses ideal for MIG, TIG, MMA Welding and other low light intensity welding applications. It automatically darkens the lenses in a matter of seconds to offer the best protection to eyes between welds.

In general, it is the best welding glasses with auto-dark functions. It comes with dual sensors. It can sense the level of light during welding and automatically darkens the lens for eye protection. 


  • Auto-darkening function to shade level #11
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Good choice for high light intensity welding
  • Clear viewing with True Colour View


  • The sides of the goggles may leak the lights
  • Solar power may be an issue sometime
  • Doesn’t offer snug fitting 

3. NOVEL Safety Protective Glasses Shade 10 Welding Goggles

NOVEL safety protective glasses are best suited for melting and soldering. There are very few options of shade 10 protective glasses and this is one of those. Because of its #10 shades, it lets you perform welds without being too dark or too light.

The protective goggles are designed using Athermal green lens glass. It is the high-quality passive filter lenses used in industrial glasses. Athermal glasses are known to offer best eye protection during welding operations as mirror coating reflects back extra 90% of infrared radiation. 

In addition to this, It even reduces radiated heat to which the eyes are exposed. The lens ensures better viewing and observation without eye fatigue. Athermal also has high optical quality, dimensional stability resistant to radiation and scratch resistance. 

The protective gear design is extremely comfortable as it is made out of lightweight plastic material. It makes the goggles restful to wear for extended hours. 

The goggles also include easy to adjust earpieces. It allows the users to adjust the length of the earpiece for a comfortable fitting. Plus, the goggles also have a nose cushioning. It ensures a snug fit and slips protection. 

The safety glasses are CE approved. It is a high-standard safety marking issued by the European Economic Area. It proves its highest safety during welding operations and melting.

Anti-Fog is another feature that is worth mentioning. It is the feature that keeps the interior of the lenses fog-free. So, there will be no hindrance or distraction between welds.It is the ideal feature for damp and moist conditions.

The hard coating feature of the safety glasses makes it the best choice for veteran welders. It makes the lenses less prone to scratches that hinder the vision. It also minimizes the risk of accidents and enables you to focus on your welds. Hard coating also extends the shelf life of the goggles.

In nutshell, it is the best mid-range protective glass suitable for both soldering and welding. It features integrated nose cushioning for comfort fit and slip protection. It comes with a 99% UV ray protection and fog formation is impossible between welds with the goggles.


  • Tough, durable and comfortable
  • Super lightweight
  • All-around protection and security
  • Nose cushioning for comfortable fit and slip-resistance


  • You may find them tight-fitted
  • Plastic material is average
  • Open on top and bottom

4. Titus Cup Type C Frame Industrial Quality Welding Goggles

The welding glasses by Titus come with different lenses. Each lens offers a different degree of protection to the eyes. There are many good reasons why it secured a place in the list.

The lenses of the protective goggles are very easy to use. All you need to do is unscrew the ring, replace the lens and screw the ring back. Now you can choose the shades of the lens easily depending upon the welding applications. It enables you to replace lenses easily for better protection of eyes.

The comfort level of the welding glasses is beyond comparison. It snugly fits and offers ultimate protection to eyes between welds. It features an adjustable strap. It allows users to adjust the goggles until the right fit and comfort level is achieved.

From the bridges of the nose to the ring, every part of the protective welding goggle is customizable. The comfortable design and style of the goggle allow you to wear the goggle for extended hours without strains on nose bridges.

Titus protective goggles are industrial grade. It features highly protective and durable lenses. The lenses are available with different shade options from #9 to #14, where shade #9 is for clear viewing and shade #14 is for an ultra darker view. Because of different shade options, these protective goggles are works efficiently in processes such as plasma arc welding and carbon arc welding.

In short, Titus Welding Glasses do the best job as intended. It protects the eyes from damages. It comes with multiple shades to choose from. You can enjoy comfortable fitting for best viewing and welding applications.


  • Available with different shade options
  • Lenses are easy to change and replace
  • Customizable parts for enhanced comfort
  • Extra lens padding


  • Slots allow light to leak in
  • Hard plastic material uncomfortable for nose bridges
  • Not as dark as claimed

5. QHRM Welding Safety Welding Glasses 

QHRM Welding Safety Glasses are the most affordable and simplistic goggles. It resembles the high tech glasses used in industries because it has some advanced features and protections such as lightweight, durability, and scratch-resistant.

The protective glass has an elastic headband for a snug and tight fit and also features ear hooks just like the traditional glasses. The ear hooks are adjustable to comfortable length. So, you won’t experience the tightness. You only get secure fitting out of it. Plus, it allows the users to wear and take off the goggles quickly in between the applications.

Another great feature of welding goggles is that it is extremely lightweight. It never strains your nose bridges even when it is used for extended hours.

It is well ventilated and it ensures proper air circulation. However, it lets some light leak inside the glasses. Since air is circulated well inside the glasses, no fogging issue is there and it keeps the eyes cool.

QHRM safety glasses are solar-powered auto-darkening welding goggles. It provides different shade levels from #4 to #13. It means they are ideal for multiple weld applications even for those high-intensity welds. 

The shade #4 allows you to have clear views and shade #13 is ultra-dark that prevents eye straining in between welds. The automatic darkening feature is solar powered and it is quick and responsive for best eye protection.

Lenses of the protective goggles are highly durable. They are scratch, impact and shock-resistant. It allows clear viewing between the applications. The reflective coating on the lenses prevents glare from occurring in between the job.

In short, QHRM safety glasses are best suited for all types of welding applications. These polycarbonate glasses are apt for visibility and suitability.


  • Highly responsive and quick auto darkening function
  • Durable and impact-resistant lenses
  • Fairly comfortable and lightweight
  • Adjustable ear hooks
  • Simplistic and Affordable Protective Glasses


  • Need lots of sunlight to work
  • Ear hooks are not very durable

How to Choose the Best Welding Glasses in 2021?

Size and Comfort

The fitting and correct size should be the priority. If the size is tight, it may leave marks on your nose, eyes etc. If it is loose, it may fall off and do not stay in place. So the size should be perfect as well as comfortable.

You may also look for proper padding especially on your ears and nose, where the glasses rest. Therefore, always check the cushioning, comfort, weight, size and shape of your welding glasses.


The shade of your glasses basically protects your eyes from extreme flashy sparks and flames. Generally, the shade ranges between 2-14. If you want more eye protection, approach towards higher shade numbers.

Moreover, as the welding process generates extra flares and light, I would suggest you be choosy while selecting glasses for yourself. Also, there is a special dark filter which allows you to directly look at your arc. 

As there are auto-darkening helmets, similarly you can easily find auto-darkening welding lenses which are quite effective for your eyes and hence increases your safety and productivity.

Visibility and Safety

If you find difficulty while closing looking at your work then you may even consider bifocal glasses. These glasses will enhance your view capability and extra protection to your eyes as well.

Further, fogging is another concern which needs to be resolved. If you are also going through something then you may consider a pair of glasses featuring anti-fogging coating or layer. 

Lens Material

There are broadly 4 lens materials which are unique in their ways.

  • Acrylic

Acrylic is affordable, scratch -resistant as well as much lighter than glass. However, the downside is that its durability and visibility are not up to mark.

  • NXT Polyurethane (Trivex)

These are at par in quality and performance than acrylic. In other words, trivex material is extremely lightweight and offers high-quality visibility but as everything comes with a price tag so they do.

  • Optical Glass

It is a well-known fact that optical glasses are quite heavy but they give utmost protection against scratches. Also, they are delicate and may not give the needed protection against impacts. 

  • Polycarbonate

A pair of polycarbonate glasses gives safety against harmful UV rays and are light in weight. However, if I talk about visibility then you will be disappointed with the clarity.

Types of Welding Glasses

Non-Vented Welding Glasses

As the name clearly indicates, non-vented glasses are not incorporated with any slits or spaces. So, we can say that these are solid one-piece accessories for your eyes.

Although these are glasses are good for protection from impact, spatters and flying particles but they fog up really fast.

Direct-Vent Welding Glasses

These welding goggles feature multiple slits which permit air to reach the inner part of the lenses. This movement of air doesn’t allow fogging to sustain and keeps your sight clear.

Further, these glasses are a great option to resist impact in form of spatters, flashes and sparks.

Indirect-Vent Welding Glasses

Indirect vent glasses also have slits but those slits are covered. This cut off the air circulation and you get foggy vision. However, they still are capable of providing the necessary protection against impact.

Summing it Up

Before you go, let me share my opinion. I think the adjustable goggles by Miller Electric outranks its contemporaries in some aspects. These come in various shades such as 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 which enhances the visibility in different arc brightness.

Therefore, a pair of welding glasses must be equipped with needed safety features, comfort, different shade, and versatility. Hope you will get some insight through the above-discussed information. Have a sparkling day!

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