5 Best Multi-Process Welders In 2021 Reviewed & Rated

best multi process welders

The LOTOS CT520D is the best multi-purpose welder you will ever try. Its high above-average duty cycle, portability, good amperage settings, decent power output, and versatility. It has mastered all the features accurately.

The multi-process welders provide all types of welding features like a stick, TIG as well as MIG welding. These welders are dynamic options for a complete welding machine. These machines can be used for light welding works, automated farm applications as well as boat repair and maintenance.

They are designed to be portable and powerful. Some are equipped with inverters along with it, which allows the professional welders to perform the tasks efficiently. It increases the longevity of the machine.

For a quick decision, I have covered this topic in-depth and come up with the list of my best multi-process welders. This guide will definitely help you to reach a useful conclusion.

5 Best Multi-Process Welders In 2021 With Reviews

1. LOTOS CT520D Multi-Process Welder

The Lotos multi-process welder was built to make it highly portable. The welder weighs only 32 lbs, which is very lightweight and can be easily carried from one place to another. This welder can perform all types of weld jobs like TIG, stick as well as MIG welding.

This machine is equipped with a 50 amp plasma cutter. It can be used to weld material of thickness ½ inch and a maximum thickness of ¾ inches. The welder can cut and weld a wide range of materials like alloy steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel as well as mild steel.

Moreover, the LOTOS MIG machine is equipped with dual voltage settings that can be changed and used depending on the job requirements. This machine has an above-average duty cycle of 60%, which provides smooth and even welds.

Besides, it can do both light and heavy-duty work with an efficiency of 80% to 90%. The machine is equipped with a static arc feature that helps to complete the jobs fast and quick. Both the wires’ ends can be used as it comes without a fitting end in the power cords.

In short, with dual voltage settings, portability, and lightweight, and high amperage settings, this machine can satisfy both beginners and professionals.


  • Has dual voltage settings.
  • Highly portable.
  • Adjustable flow management.
  • Optional feet pedal.
  • Above-average duty cycle.


  • Works only on direct current.
  • Small size cables.

2. WeldPro 200 Amp Multi-Process Welder

This welder machine from WeldPro can carry out all types of welding processes like MIG, TIG, stick as well as flux core welding. It has a unique feature to disconnect the torch and hook the spool gun to weld any aluminum materials.

The voltage power of 220 volts can help to weld mild steel of up to ¼ inches. TIG welding equipped on this machine allows welders to work with dissimilar metals. This machine has a synergistic design that helps to adjust both the wire speed and the voltage simultaneously.

On hitting the menu button, the voltage can be further adjusted by 20%. This machine has an average duty cycle of about 40 to 50%. This provides unbeatable flexibility and allows us to create repeatable even welds every time.

Moreover, this MIG machine is equipped with three different wire settings of 40, 30, and 23 thousandths. The WeldPro machine is highly lightweight and weighs around 30lbs that makes it easy to carry from one place to another.

In short, the Weldpro machine is highly portable and versatile. The earth clamp, electrode holder, and dual voltage settings make it worth your investment. It is undoubtedly a necessity for any professional welder.


  • Can handle three different weld types.
  • Durable design.
  • Highly portable and powerful.
  • Above-average duty cycle.
  • Good wire feed speed.


  • Does not have a spool gun.

3. LOTOS TIG 200 Multi-Process Welder

This machine has a maximum output power of 200 amp that can work on different materials like aluminum and stainless steel. It is highly versatile to accommodate the thin gauge materials but can go for thick materials up to 9.5 mm.

The LOTOS MIG welder is compact with high versatility as well as portability. This makes it easy to use and transport. The machine has an output efficiency of 80% that provides enough power to accommodate different materials.

This welder has a unique advanced feature of HF start and torch control that makes way for a more precise weld. The machine’s hot striking arc function can be adjusted that helps to work with different types of primary and acidic electrodes.

The machine has dual voltage settings, and it can be changed depending on the weld’s purpose. It has an excellent cooling function and prevents any damage from overheating.

The wire feed speed adjustment and above-average duty cycle of 50% make it suitable for several purposes like boat repair, shop repair, and many more.

In short, LOTOS TIG 200 is a highly versatile, portable, and features an above-average duty cycle. The dual voltage settings of the welder ensure that the current can be adjusted automatically.


  • Pulse arc capabilities.
  • Works on AC as well as DC currents.
  • High-frequency start.
  • Well, designed foot pedals.
  • Sloping functions.


  • Poor stick welding ability.

4. Forney 140 Multi-Process Welder

This machine is highly portable and lightweight and weighs only 25 pounds, making it easy to carry to different places. It is made up of aluminum that makes it highly durable as well as challenging.

It is a 3 in 1 welder machine and can do all types of welding processes like MIG, TIG as well as stick welding. The machine is equipped with a gas hose and a regulator that helps in the natural welding process. The machine also has a foot pedal to adjust with the engines.

The Forney welder machine is designed with a torch that is utterly stained free that ensures long life. It is a dual voltage multi-process welder and can be used in any household current. The machine has a 20% power output while working at 100 amp whole 30% power output while driving at 220 amp.

Moreover, this MIG machine has a dual geared idler and an aluminum drive system that provides better wire feed speed and helps to work with heavy materials. It can weld up to ⅛ inch metal in a single pass. The machine is very lightweight and weighs around 47 pounds.

In short, the Forney machine comes with 10 feet torch, 8 feet power cord, and ground cable as well as the clamp and what not. This machine has mastered all the features correctly.


  • Easy to operate.
  • Runs in the household circuit.
  • Above-average duty cycle.
  • Good wire feed speed.
  • Comes with an upgraded design.


  • The gas hose and the regulator needs to be purchased separately.

5. WeldPro 155 Amp Multi-Process Welder

This multi-process welder can do all types of welding processes like MIG, DC stick, and flux core welding. It can remove the torch and replace them with aluminum or weld gun for a better and cleaner weld.

This machine can run on 23, 30, and 35 thousandths core wire. It has an average duty cycle of 50% that makes it highly efficient. It does not require changing the electric terminals for converting the polarities.

This is a dual voltage welder, and thus, its voltage power can be changed depending on the power output of the circuit. It can easily weld up to ¼ inch of mild as well as stainless steel and has a wire feed speed of 78 to 472 in per minute.

The packaging has a boast of features that includes an Electric holder, MIG gun, MIG torch, connector clamps, a cable, a gas hose as well as a hammered brush. The welder machine weighs around 30 lbs that make it lightweight and can be carried easily from one place to another.

In short, with high versatility, portability, and above-average duty cycle, this is one of the best multi-process welders. Professionals may try their hands on this amazing machine.


  • Infinite adjustable wire speed and heat.
  • Comes with a stick arc electrode clamp.
  • Gas regulator.
  • Dual voltage converter.
  • Above-average duty cycle.


  • Does not include a feet pedal.

How to Choose the Best Multi-Process Welder in 2021?

Technology and Welding Process

The multi-purpose welders are capable of handling two or three different types of welding purposes. The most common combination is the stick, MIG as well as TIG. It is also simple and easy to collaborate MIG and stick welding on to a platform of TIG welding and blend all the technologies.

In most cases, your multi-process welder must be able to use the plasma cutter at a low voltage. This makes the welder efficient and can be used on rust, aluminum as well as thin to medium thick materials.

Duty Cycle

The duty cycle of a welder machine gives an exact idea of the time for which the machine is going to work before it gets overheated. It is denoted in percentage. If the machine has a duty cycle of 60%, it means that the machine is going to run for 6 minutes and take 4 minutes to cool down.

If you want your multi-process welder to run for a long time, then it is always better to choose the multi-process welders having a duty cycle above average.

The power output of a welder always depends on its duty cycle. If your welder has more power output, it means that the machine’s duty cycle is low. Due to the low duty cycle, the small welders do not have any inverters equipped on it. The cooldown time on many large welders is reduced as they are fitted with the cooling fans. 

A multi-process welder with overload protection is always recommended as it protects the welder from getting overheated. Once the machine gets heated over the safety limit, the welder machine turns off automatically. This saves the machine from any further damage.

Dual Voltage

A dual voltage multi-process welder can be a game-changer for all your welding jobs. You must always consider the degree of freedom you will get by not being dependent on any specific outlet.

A multi-process welder working mostly on 220V output is always beneficial. This will help you to cut and weld through thicker materials in a single pass. This is because the circuit will allow enough current to flow through it.

Transportability and Size

A lightweight welder is always suitable for working at multiple locations. In the case of a powerful and large welder, you can use a welder wheel to carry it from one place to another. But if the welder is too heavy and large, then it becomes difficult to move to different places.

The best multi-process welders weigh less, around 25lbs. The inverter technology equipped on the small welders makes it lightweight compared to the heavy machines. If you want welders for heavy industrial jobs, you may choose one that weighs around 200 lbs. 

Wire Feed Speed

A welder with low wire feed speed will not provide you with a fair and uniform weld. These machines form an uneven weld that generally breaks. Make sure the welder machines with good wire feed speed, which can be adjusted depending on the task you are performing.

Voltage Input

110 Volt

The 110V machines are suitable for plugging into the household circuit or else if you pursue welding as a hobby. The significant drawback of these machines is that they are not ideal for welding on thicker materials. For the thicker materials, a welder with high power output as well as amperage is necessary.

220 Volt

For powerful and proper welds on heavy and thick materials, a welder with 220 volts is required. If you choose a 220-volt welder machine, make sure that your house has a power supply of 220 voltage, or else it won’t work. These welders are highly beneficial for remote and industrial locations.

Chassis of the Welder

The entire machine needs proper protection, and thus the chassis of a welder must be considered before finalizing it. The rugged cases are better than those that are lighter because they are more durable as well as strong.

In some cases, a metal chassis is better because it is lighter than the other materials. The welder must also have a sturdy and solid handle. In case the machine is heavy, lifting it becomes easier with a sturdy handle. A gas bottle handle is also considered to be a handy addition.

What are the Benefits of Multi-Process Welders?

Great for Production

The MIG welders are easy to operate and control with overall adjustable settings, which is a significant advantage. These machines can be adjusted easily, depending on the task you are performing with the welder.

The MIG welder machines are better than a stick and TIG welder because they can quickly produce even welds. For welding in businesses and shops, the multi-process welders are ideal as they have a combination of all types of welding processes.

Power and Speed

These machines can generate a huge power output to produce even and proper welds. The multi-process welders can perform both heavy and lightweight jobs, unlike the normal welders.

Coming to speed, the multi-process welders are better than the familiar welders as it can do several works. 

The businesses and the large shops prefer multi-process welders over others as it can complete the work faster. The auto start ability equipped on this machine helps to open and flip the gas valve easily that allows it to do the job easily. 

Weld Settings

A notable advantage of the multi-process welders is that they can be adjusted to different weld settings to produce even and clean welds. The amperage of the machine and the output power can be adjusted depending on the welding job you will perform. 


The best multi-process welder that gained the maximum priority on my list is the LOTOS CT520D. Its durability, above-average duty cycle, and high versatility make it comfortable for users to a professional welder.

All the requirements of a multi-purpose welder must be checked. Several factors like power, wire-speed, versatility, durability, and voltage rating are crucial factors. Hope you find the apt one for yourself.

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