5 Best Lotos Plasma Cutters In 2021 Reviewed & Rated

best lotos plasma cutters

For quick results, Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc is the best Plasma Cutter. It efficiently makes cuts through all kinds of metal surfaces, including rough, painted, and rusty surfaces. It comes with a dual voltage system of 110 volts at 60 Hz and 220 volts at 50 Hz.

Lotos plasma cutters are the best in business as you may already know, working with metal requires a lot of strength and expertise. Metal Cutting requires precision. These days when aesthetics are important parameters, metal cutting in precise dimensions are in demand.

The Lotos technology has revolutionary Lotos Plasma cutters that are a state of the art solution to all metal cutting operations.

Here in this series, I’ve selected the 5 best plasma cutters offered by Lotos for you. Let’s have a look..!

5 Best Lotos Plasma Cutters In 2021 With Reviews

1. Lotos LTP5000D 50 Amp Plasma Cutter

This is a portable and compact pilot arc plasma cutter. It works by drawing compressed air. Also, it can easily cut steel, aluminum, and copper plates. It produces less slag and can also be used for rough, rusty and painted surfaces. 

Further, it comes with a dual voltage system of 110 volts at 60 Hz and 220 volts at 50 Hz. The cutter has a duty cycle of 60% at 50A. 

This cutter produces uniform output during high power and low power usage to cut different materials of various thicknesses and sizes. This is a result of a powerful MOSFET transistor.

The cutter comes in a complete package along with a plasma torch, air regulator, a ground clamp with cable, and hose with hose connections. All these accessories and the machine are designed for long life and heavy usage in extreme workshop conditions.

As for the cooling, it uses PAPST advanced German cooling technology. This maximizes the cutting optimization as well as cutting operations. It can cut a maximum thickness of ½” and a severance thickness of ¾”. It is comparatively affordable than the other cutters.

One of the best features of LOTOS LTP5000D is that it has a one year warranty and due to all the above-mentioned reasons, it becomes our overall best pick.


  • Automated Dual Voltage Output at 110 volts and 220 volts.
  • Complete ready-to-use setup with a ground cable and air hose.
  • Non-contact pilot arc technology
  • V-MOSFET Transistor for uniform power output
  • Inbuilt dynamic 50 amp Digital Inverter
  • Smart German PAPST cooling technology
  • Inbuilt Air filter and regulator
  • 50 amps powered precision cutting of ½ inches to ¾ inches.


  • It has very short standoff.
  • Does not come with a pigtail that is important for proper usage of the tool.

2. LOTOS LT5000D 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter

The LT5000D plasma cutter’s design is beneficial as it is compact enough, and users can lift it in one hand. 

This is further assisted by the sturdy rubberized and heat resistant handle that has been provided at the top. The use of inverter current reduces the size of the transformer significantly. 

The torch head has a low-profile design. This design is ideal for cutting in the cramped up and small workplace. This feature, coupled with the durable and long sized hose, allows the cutter to operate in any location.

The unit also includes multiple vents. They are at the sides and the back of the unit for efficient removal of heat during operation. 

Further, there are durable knobs and levers attached to the strong stainless steel unit. All these parts are designed for sustaining in a high duty cycle. 

The PWM (pulse width modulation) technology allows this cutter to produce inverter currents at the accurate DC voltage for purposes of welding. 

The unit’s power output has an inverter-based power setup and high-frequency DC option that is combined to provide an extremely powerful beam for fast and precision cutting.

The MOSFET transistors make them high voltage cutting of thick metals possible. It also produces a steady stream of low-intensity plasma for cutting thinner metals.

The maximum cutting thickness of 5/8″ is for mild steel and ½” for both stainless steel and aluminum. It can also be used on a range of metals like iron, thick gauge steel, copper, and various alloys. 

This cutter comes with a PAPST German cooling system that prevents excess heat build-up. The switching power inverter technology integrated with the unit increases the efficiency of the cutter by 30%. 

In short, all these features make LT5000D Lotos 50A into a versatile cutting tool for complex cutting jobs.


  • Compact design
  • Versatile and mobile cutter.
  • Low profile torches can be used in cramped spaces.
  • The shorting of wires is prevented by automated voltage detection.
  • Customized trigger positioning for ease of operation.
  • High-Frequency current due to MOSFET
  • PWM current at correct voltages allows for welding.


  • This plasma cutter is noisier as compared to other contenders.
  • No MVP plug

3. Lotos CT520D 50 AMP Air Plasma Cutter

The Lotos CT520D is a 3-in-1 plasma cutter. It can be used to cut and weld various materials, including stainless steel, mild steel, copper, alloy steel, aluminum, and other metal materials.

This cutter is a 50Amp Air Plasma Cutter and has a cutting thickness of ½” as maximum ideal thickness and ¾” as maximum severance thickness.

It runs on a dual voltage system of 110 volts at 60 Hz and 220 volts at 50 Hz; it can be used for both cutting and welding. Cutting at 50A using clean, dry, oil-free air and Welding at 200A using clean, dry, oil-free argon gas for TIG welding. The flow rates at 3.6 scfm at 65 psi are 80L/min for cutting and 2-5 L/M for TIG welding.

The cutter has an output current for DC TIG as 10-200 A at 220 V and 10-150 A at 110 V. For DC Stick or MMA, its output currents are 10-200 A at 220 V and 10-150 A at 110 V.

For welding, the plasma cutter has advanced features like a High-Frequency arc start torch, the stick welder for deep welding, and foot clutch welding heat control. The switch between the DC stick welder and the DC TIG welder is easy to operate.

The CT520D has automatic voltage and frequency adjustment to ensure a shortage of risk-free operations. Further, it allows the machine to run on 110 V 50/60 Hz power or on 220 V 50/60 Hz using a pigtail. Both acid and basic electrodes can be used with this cutter.

Weighing 38.5 pounds makes the cutter extremely portable. It uses compressed air, which is eco-friendly. It releases less harmful gases compared to an oxyhydrogen plasma cutter. 

The cutter comes in a package including a cutting torch, TIG torch, stick or MMA welder torch, consumables, ground clamp, air filter and regulator, argon regulator, and other connections.

In short, it’s portability and the 3-in-1 feature makes it one of the best picks this year.


  • Lightweight 3-in-1 combo cutter.
  • Affordable for both professional and household uses.
  • High-Frequency arcs start for precision.
  • Well-mechanized TIG welder to allow for welding thin-gauge materials
  • Quality Stick/MMA welder
  • Type D Plug with Industrial Grade Air Filter and Regulator.
  • Easy to switch between welding and cutting.
  • Automated voltage and frequency adjustment.


  • Short ground cable length.
  • There is no 220 V to 110 V Converter Pigtail in the package.

4. Lotos LT3500 35Amp Air Plasma Cutter

The LT3500 weighs 18 pounds giving it a portability feature making it an ideal cutter for small industrial projects and DIYs. This cutter also offers welding operation at a portable scale.

Further, the LT3500 cutter comes with a pre-installed NPT ¼” industry type D plug that allows you to make quick connections to the air compressor. The pre-installed NPT ¼” industry type D plug lets you make some quick connection to your air compressor. 

You connect to the air compressor by using the stand coupler, which is already existing on your air compressor and the 110V input design allows the unit to connect to the existing 110v wall outlet of the operator.

The cutter has a dual voltage operating system 110V at 1PH, 50HZ, and 125V, 1PH 60HZ at 30 Amp input. There is an automatic switch between the dual-frequency to facilitate the users further.

The 12 Amp to 35 Amp DC output provides perfect, precise, and efficient cutting. The cutting thickness varies from 2/5″ ideal clean cut to 3/5″ maximum severance cut.

Lotos LT3500 plasma cutter gives you a fine quality cutting of various metals, including stainless steel, alloy steel, mild steel, copper, aluminum, and conductive materials. 

The process is as simple as a child’s play. The edges are smoothly finished after cutting, avoiding the need for an additional finishing process.

The package comprises a pre-installed NPT ¼” industry type D plug, power supply, consumables, cutting torch, a ground clamp, and an air filter regulator.

The product package comes with all the necessary things needed for a plasma welding machine by an operator which makes it an obvious choice. 


  • Can be used for cutting a variety of materials
  • Standard clean-cut with good surface finish and severance thickness
  • The pilot arc with High Frequency starts to ensure faster and precision cutting.
  • A lightweight unit
  • Easy setup for portability


  • For a person with no prior experience of welding, this machine can be started.
  • Finishes off consumables faster than other plasma cutters
  • The attached hose is not durable and may need replacing.

5. Lotos Technology LTP6000 Plasma Cutter

Lotos Technology LTP6000 is a heavy-duty plasma cutter. It operates at an input voltage of 220 volts. Its pilot arc can make precision cuts of a maximum ¾” and a severance cut of 1″. 

The cutter has a duty cycle of 60% at 60A and 100% at 40A. It can be used to easily cut rusty, painted or uneven surfaces on any metal. The cutter does not produce large amounts of slag.

Further, it uses the advanced German PAPST cooling technology to avoid overheating. It can be used in small workshop places and cramped locations. Besides, this cutter is compact and portable for easy carrying around at the workplace.

The arc is started by High Frequency, which produces more consistent and cleaner cuts. Also, this high-frequency starting and long cutting torch machine is one of the ideal choices to pick. 

The entire package comes with a Plasma cutting torch CP132 about 13 ft long, 2 prong connection, Air hose about 6ft long, 4 air hose clips and 2 air hose connections, Air filter gauge of industry-standard AR01, Mounting bracket for air filter of industry-standard AR01 and Air filter of industry-standard AR01.


  • 60 Amps operation.
  • 200 to 240 VAC
  • Dual Frequency of 50 Hz and 60 Hz.
  • Robust Infineon IGBT Power Drive Matrix.
  • PAPST cooling system.
  • Integrated Pilot Arc Function
  • High-frequency start and contact start hand torch.


  • Air supply should be clean, dry, oil-free air.
  • Input power cable length is quite short at 6 ft.
  • Compatible with consumables from Lotos PCON only.

What Sets Lotos Plasma Cutters Apart From Its Competitors?

Duty cycle

In layman’s language, Duty Cycle is the ratio of time of device operated and the ratio of on and off period. It is expressed in percentage. 

A heavy-duty plasma cutter has a high duty cycle. It means the cutter has a high production rate. This is because the downtime is less and production speed is more.

Power input

This is based on the power distribution frequency of your country. It is better to buy a plasma cutter that has a dual voltage operation system. It allows you to work on both frequencies. However, you will need a pigtail extension for this.


Plasma Cutting technology is now portable in small units with a compact design and high efficiency. They are easy to operate under conventional cutters. Hence, choose a cutter that allows you to be mobile in operation.


Prefer getting a plasma cutter with air compressor compatibility or with an inbuilt air compressor. A separate air compressor tank can increase the risk of explosion around the work area.

Cut Thickness

The plasma cutter is categorized according to its cutting thickness. Depending upon the type of work, you should choose the cutter that operates at your job thickness.

Cut Rating

There are three types of cutting plasma rate. Firstly, the machine that can cut at a rate of 10 inches per minute. This is called a rate cut. Second is the quality cut at lower speed and higher thickness. The third is the severe cut. It is the maximum cut that can be achieved. 

The cut rating is important, and depending upon your job type, you can select the convenient plasma cutter.

Operating Cost

The consumption rate of a plasma cutter is different for different machines and consumables types. This adds to the operating costs. 

The consumption rate may or may not be mentioned. You will have to ask the salesperson to guide you towards the cutter with optimum operating costs

Summing it Up

Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter tops my list due to its technology. It has all topped all the parameters necessary for a plasma cutter.

These reviewed Plasma Cutters are not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly. The operation costs and maintenance costs of these cutters are lower. They are easy to use. On the contrary to their lightweight and size, these cutters enhance the aesthetics of cutting parts. You can cut intricate shapes of small size at a faster precision and pace.

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