5 Best Everlast Plasma Cutters In 2021 Reviewed & Rated

best everlast plasma cutters

Among the list of 5 best Everlast plasma cutters, Everlast SuperCut 50 110v/220v Inverter tops the list with its variable features and easy to use mechanism. Affordable and energy-saving systems of inverter technology suitable for clean cuts. Thus, making it worth buying.

Everlast Plasma cutters are specially designed for metal cutting and require a high power mechanism for enhanced durability and clean cuts even on the thick metal surface. However, they need a proper product for safe functioning to cut the live wires and metals.

This brand is a renowned and well-known company for manufacturing plasma cutters with utmost precision and intricacy. Everlast makes every effort to make the plasma cutters filled with features like high performance, portable working, and so on. 

I have listed the top 5 Everlast Plasma Cutters for your easy access. So, let’s Get Started…

5 Best Everlast Plasma Cutters In 2021 With Reviews

1. Everlast SuperCut 50 Inverter Plasma Cutter

The best plasma cutter in the Everlast product range is SuperCut 51P, which is a novel product filled with the latest and emerging technologies. With redesigned MOSFET inverter technology, it is much better than any other Supercut models.

This cutter works on 50 amp output power giving high performance. It has a front air pressure gauge that allows an easy air output. Also, over-current and air pressure light indicators optimize the operating conditions as per the preference. 

Affordable yet excellent for metal cutting, it is mainly used by hobbyists and occasional garage workers. It has a high-frequency arc reducing the delay time, which provides continuity in the working of the product.

With adjustable post flow technology, it controls till the period of 60 seconds and then adjusts accordingly, making the process less fatigue and easy. The consumables and the plasma cutter, are convenient to use and make the product worth buying.

The plasma arc equipped in this cutter gives clean, and dross cuts in the size range of ¼” to 3/8”. The 6 ft cable cord provides its maximum portability and can be used for a larger work area. 

It works on the dual voltage mechanism, which can be switched between 110 V to 220 V as per the usage of the plasma cutter. With a high duty cycle of around 60%, it is fit for getting some smooth and clean cuts making it worth buying as a long term investment for home chores. 


  • High performance
  • Can be used in difficult to reach spots
  • Longer life span
  • Powerful and reliable 
  • Suitable for light and home use
  • High cutting frequency
  • Longer cable
  • Works on dual voltage


  • It is quite heavy to use.

2. Everlast Power Plasma 50 IGBT Plasma Cutter

Everlast Power 50 IGBT Plasma Cutter is another affordable device in the Everlast power range that provides a cut as thick as 1 inch. It is suitable for hobbyists and small shops.

Reliable and clean cuts can be made with standard electrodes and nozzles. It also holds a feature of a stable and reliable plasma stream. The high performance and durability of the product come with a 60% duty cycle.

Further, Everlast provides a long term warranty of 5 years. The starter kit includes the spare parts electrodes and 1.2 mm nozzles, which are available for optimization as per the preference of the consumers.

Digital screen and adjusting amperage feature makes it a better product in the range. The drag shield and air pressure gauge are suited for multiple purposes. The output power is 50 amps and can give 3/8 inch to 1-inch cuts.

The front air panel with adjusting pressure makes the working of the plasma cutter smoother and easy. It is also suitable for 8500 W clean power generators. The over-current and air pressure light indicators can help the user adjust the functioning as per the preference.

The front air pressure gauge also lets the air pressure verification at the best approximation. Adjustable post flow, which comes only with power plasma and its control up to 60 seconds, adds up to the durability of the product and hence makes it reliable enough. 


  • Easy to operate
  • Suitable for home use
  • High performance
  • Pilot arc torch for precise cuts
  • High efficiency
  • Air pressure light indicator
  • Digital screen
  • Durable


  • Less portable
  • Heavy

3. Everlast 2017 Power Plasma 50S Plasma Cutter

Everlast 2017 PowerPlasma 50S 50amps PILOT ARC is a well-designed high-end plasma cutter. It is constructed in a way to give high reliability and performance while cutting both light and heavy metals. The machine is equipped with a power pilot arc, which is smooth while cutting and gives clean cuts.

With inverter switching control technology, this plasma cutter is a durable product. It can be operated with dual voltage technology on both 110 V and 220 V interchangeably as per the user’s need.

Easy to operate, this product is a bit expensive but value for money as it works for years giving clean and precise cuts. The cutting surface is excellent, which makes the metal cut processing easy and clean. 

It is a redesigned model and have novel upgraded technology of IPT 60 torch. It also holds a different yet trending feature of blowback start technology. The front mount air pressure regulates the functioning of airflow.

Appropriate for both home and commercial use, this product has a Euro Central quick connect torch adapter, which also protects the machine and makes it highly durable. Versatile in this range of plasma cutters, this product is suitable for light and heavy clean cuts.

Get a lot of accessories and consumables with this model like a ground clamp, power pilot arc cutting torch, hose clamp, air regulator, an operation manual to start the work without any extra buy and preparation.

With lots of interesting features and ample accessories available, it is one of the most convenient and easy to use Everlast plasma cutters on my list.


  • High performance
  • Durable
  • Comes with free accessories and consumables
  • Clean and precise cuts
  • Easy to operate
  • Used for heavy and light metal cutting


  • You may find it a little heavy to carry.

4. Everlast MultiPro 205 DC TIG Welder / Plasma Cutter

Next one on my list is Everlast MultiPro 205 DC TIG Welder / Plasma Cutter Combo. It is best used for garage and hobbyist use as it is versatile and multipurpose equipment.

With advanced inverter technology, it gives high performance in both metal cutting and welding. This product provides a duty cycle of 60% and 85% performance efficiency.

The plasma cutter is equipped with novel semiconductor circuit technology that is designed with utmost perfection, making it different and better from other products. With proper maintenance of the product, this can be proved as a one-time investment for years of excellent performance.

Everlast MultiPro205 DC is fitted with an automatic sensor, which makes it compatible for operating at both the frequency of 120V / 240V and 50 Hz/ 60 Hz. This plasma cutter is made with thermal and overload protection as well.

It is less portable if compared to any other Everlast Plasma Cutter Combo; however, it weighs around 57.6 pounds. The cable is short and cannot be moved to a faraway place. The dimensions of the plasma cutter are 20.2 x 16.7 x 15.1 inches.

One of the best features of this product is its large cooling fan, which acts as a shield against overheating and hence gives long life to the product. It is also thermostatically insulated for better performance and reliability.

It is equipped with a 200 amp TIG torch and a 200 amp Arc/ MMA welder, which can be used for three different purposes. By TIG welder, the thickness given is 5/16″ weld with no contact initial start and high frequency. However, a weld thickness of 3/16″ can be achieved with Arc/ MMA features. 

For a high-performance metal cutting plasma cutter that comes with various accessories and free consumables, Everlast MultiPro 205 DC TIG Welder / Plasma Cutter Combois worth buying.


  • Works on dual voltage system
  • High-performance product
  • High reliability and durability
  • Thermostatic insulation
  • Digital current display
  • Equipped with novel technologies like semiconductor circuits


  • Short cable length
  • Heavy

5. Everlast 2020 Power Plasma 62i CNC Plasma Cutter

Everlast has been leading in the plasma cutter market for its high quality and durability. It’s plasma cutter model PowerPlasma 62i s an energy-saving plasma cutter which is also very efficient in narrow spaces with the utmost ease.

This reliable and durable model of plasma cutter is equipped with a novel and advanced technology of CNC compatibility technology. It is an energy-efficient model providing powerful performance for all the metal cutting operations. 

Easy to use and flexible, the torch technology with both long and short back caps of the plasma cutter helps in welding at the difficult places. There are a cooling fan and thermostatic protection, which makes the product better and more durable.

Everlast 2020 PowerPlasma 62i plasma cutter works on 60 amps, which has a unique characteristic of pre-flow time and post gas time control. It is a highly used plasma cutter among hobbyists and professional workers.

The product’s unique features let the consumer adjust the blowing gas speed by the torch and hence give a precise cut. All the conductive metal, including stainless steel, can be cut by this plasma cutter as it also has a downslope.

The long cable that comes with the product makes it more movable and portable, covering a large work area. However, the weight of the cutter is more, and hence the operation becomes a bit tiring at times.

It is a professional plasma cutter which is extremely genuine and provides higher efficiency, up to 85%. Hence, if you are willing to spend some extra money to get the best quality product, then this is a must-have.


  • High performance
  • Can be used in difficult to reach spots
  • Longer life span
  • Powerful and reliable
  • Suitable for industrial and commercial use
  • Equipped with novel technologies
  • Longer cable


  • Lacks portability

What Sets Everlast Plasma Cutters Apart From Its Competitors?

Blowback Start Technology

You can find all the Everlast plasma cutters with Blowback start technology that is being used for minimum heat up and larger working time.

Light Indicators

In the digital display of Everlast, plasma cutters lie an indicator that helps in adjusting the functions and preference of the output as per the need and conditions. It makes the plasma cutter easy and convenient to use.

CNC Port

All the plasma cutters manufactured by Everlast’s esteemed company have a CNC port, which makes it lighter even while giving appropriate power output.

Inverter Technology

All the products of Everlast have inverter technology, which makes it energy efficient. It can save energy by giving a high overall performance to the product. 

The sustainability is enhanced, and also the power is saved, making it more affordable to work with. Inverter technology also adds to the high-performance factor of the product.

Pilot Arc Plasma Cutting Torch

Cutting torch is the most crucial part of the plasma cutters as it is only responsible for providing smooth and precise cuts to any metal, be it copper, steel, aluminum, etc. The type of torch is responsible for avoiding curliness while making cuts in the product. 

Everlast products come with a pilot arc plasma cutting torch, which is smooth to work with. It also gives clean and precise cuts. Moreover, it is flexible and can be used in the hard to reach spots. 

Post Air Flow Time

Post airflow time mechanism used in Everlast plasma cutters makes it safer and better to use. This post airflow time is the duration of the airflow that keeps going after the machinery is switched off completely to cool down the torch and arc. 

This technology is extremely useful and makes working more convenient; however, very few brands use this as it is an expensive technology. 

Dual Voltage Mechanism

Most of the Everlast products work on a dual voltage mechanism. In the plasma cutter range, two voltages, 110 V and 220 V are used for its operations.

Some of the Everlast plasma cutters work on a heavy voltage of 220 V. However, most of its products can work on 110 V and 220 V interchangeably. This feature makes the plasma cutter versatile for both home and office use. 

Digital Display Panel

All the products of Everlast are equipped with a digital display panel, which easily shows all the specifications and functions on the main panel, making it easier to use.

 The digital display panel also makes it easy for the consumers to adjust the product’s working and specifications on a single touch. This novel yet useful technology is found in all the Everlast products and hence making it worth buying.

Summing it Up

Everlast SuperCut 50 110 V/220 V Inverter is the best everlast plasma cutter in the race. Acing all the benefits of high durability, latest features, reliable warranty, high-end performance, affordability, portability, and even energy saving.

These are the plasma cutters appropriate for cutting heavy and light metals, be it copper, aluminum, steel, and even titanium. For getting some clean cuts, heavy metal cutting, and professional use with energy-saving equipment, do buy one of these plasma cutters as per your preference and use.

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