5 Best 220V MIG Welder In 2021 Reviewed & Rated

best 220 V mig welders

The Yeswelder Digital MIG 220V is the best 220 V MIG welder you will ever try. Its high durability, versatility, and above-average duty cycle have mastered all the features accurately.

The best varieties of 220V MIG welder are broken down by power and versatility. It allows comfortable and smooth welds on heavy steel materials. These machines are suitable for penetrating ½ inch thick steel and cleanly beads on heavy-duty projects.

The main advantage of a 220V welder over 110V is that it will provide you with more power output. A 220V welder can offer you 190-ampere power while a 110V can provide you a maximum of 130 to 140-ampere power.

Higher power output will help you with faster weld. So before buying, always prefer to buy a 220V welder machine or a dual 110/220V welder machine. To reduce your pressure, I have reviewed some of the best 220V MIG welders in this review.

5 Best 220V MIG Welders In 2021 with Reviews 

1. YESWELDER Arc 220V MIG Welder

This machine by YESWELDER is the best in terms of quality and affordability and is also easy to set up and use. It has special advanced features like arc control and hot start, which helps to start the machine effortlessly.

YESWELDER Arc is lightweight and small in size and allows you to work at an on-side field or home using a single generator. Besides the versatility of its input, this machine can also be used for TIG arc lift welding.

It can punch a maximum power of 205-ampere output at a duty cycle of above 60%. And also can easily weld a ¼ inch steel material and even more than that if you are doing multi-pass welds. The machine also has an IGBT soft switch technology equipped on it.

Moreover, this machine can do some additional things that are auto compensation for overcurrent protection, voltage fluctuation, and automatic temperature control. The welder is highly sturdy and durable and well screwed together with no squeaking and cranking.

In short, this is the best welder machine that I have witnessed. With its equivalent build quality, portability, and lightweight and easy to use option, the YESWELDER machine has a great future ahead.


  • Dual voltage input with a simple soft switch.
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Supports TIG welding with lift arc start.
  • Has plenty of useful settings and adjustments.
  • Basic welding tools are included and have LED support.


  • The TIG gun does not come with a machine.

2. Hobart 500553 220V MIG Welder

This welder machine runs on a substantial power of 210-ampere current despite being small in size. It has high power output and portability and can be carried from one place to another. The machine weighs around 79 lbs and can be moved around the garage with a welder wheel.

The Hobart Welder machine is highly versatile and will provide you high-quality weld and help you to achieve your desired neat. It has different seven voltage settings that allow for precision welding and ensures that you get an attractive weld.

It can work on both 110V power as well as 220V power. In the case of 110 V, it provides an average duty cycle of 20% at 90 amperes current while working at 220V, and it provides an average duty cycle of 30% while using at 150-ampere current.

Moreover, the material used for the drive system is cast aluminum that makes it sturdy and durable. This machine has a motor as well as thermal overload protection. It comes fully stocked and is suitable for welding 24 gauge material having a thickness of ⅜ inch.

Besides, the Hobart Welder can be used for several superior monitory applications like store repair, auto body, household, construction as well as maintenance of boats. It provides a maximum arc performance due to its infinite wire speed control system that helps to control the speed causing less spatter.

In short, this welding machine is one of the best welders currently available in the market. With seven voltage settings, an above-average duty cycle, and a dual gauge regulator, this welder has mastered the art of welding.


  • The welder is easy to use.
  • Has seven different voltage settings.
  • Easy switching between 110V and 220V.
  • Dual gauge regulator.
  • It has a quick-change system that requires no tools.


  • Fairly heavy as compared to the other machines.
  • Not suitable for large scale industrial work.


The SUNGOLD Welder is a compact machine that is lightweight and perfect for beginners. This welder is an entry-level model and is equipped with a 200V TIG inverter that makes the welds more efficient as well as uniform.

This machine has several advanced features that include an onboard fan, a head start, and can control the voltage fluctuations while operating automatically. The welder machine is versatile and portable and is suitable for carrying to other places.

Moreover, it has a dual voltage setting of 110V as well as 220V. It also has an IGBT multifunction inverter welder equipped on it. The machine has an above-average duty cycle of 60%, with a current output of 150 amperes.

It is suitable for a variety of tasks like outdoor repairs, boat maintenance, rusty metal farming, and is suitable for thick welding steel. The outer coating is made up of aluminum that makes it more sturdy as well as durable.

In short, this is one of the efficient welder machines currently available in the market. With its high amperage current, multiple wire speed settings, and above-average duty cycle, this welder is useful for many professional welders.


  • High amperage output.
  • Multiple adjustment settings.
  • Has the ability to weld thick metals.
  • Dual voltage regulator.
  • Easy to use a welder.


  • The leads are short.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty projects.

4. WeldPro 220V MIG Welder

A weldPro welder is a perfect machine that allows you welding from a single compact unit. This machine can be used to weld up to ¼ inch of mild steel as long as the machine is adequately prepared with a 220V power supply.

With the TIG welding system, it allows you to work with several dissimilar metals. The synergetic designs enable the welders to adjust both the wire speed setting as well as the voltage simultaneously.

Moreover, on hitting the menu button, you will be able to adjust the voltage further by 20% that provides you unbeatable flexibility and creates uniform welds. The welder has six different power settings and provides a power output of 160 amperes while working on a 220V supply.

The package consists of a torch, two electrode holders, a quick connector, cable, face mask, gas hose, and a power adapter. The welder’s outer body is made up of aluminum that makes it sturdy and durable. The machine also has an above-average duty cycle of 60%.

The IGBT technology equipped with this machine provides high power in a light and compact unit weighing 30 lbs. It also has advanced inductive settings that allow cleaner and smoother welds with less spatter.

In short, this is one of the best welder machines currently available in the market. The machine is versatile and equipped with a wide range of features. Its portability makes it suitable for carrying from one place to another. The machine is a must for any professional welder at an affordable price.


  • Suitable for three different processes of welding.
  • Highly portable.
  • Sturdy and durable design.
  • Highly powerful.
  • Has an above average duty cycle.


  • Spool guns are not included.

5. LOTOS 175AMP 220 V MIG Welder

The welder gives a duty cycle of 20% while working at 175 amperes current and a duty cycle of 30% while working at 135-ampere current. This machine has a facility of wire-speed management and infinite speed setting for uniform and even weld.

The aluminum cover makes it durable and sturdy and has an excellent penetration ability, making the wire feed motor’s functioning easy. It can weld up to ⅜ inch aluminum as well as ¼ inch of steel or thinner. The machine is versatile and portable and can be carried from one place to another.

Moreover, the machine can handle the industrial level of 4 inches or 6-inch wire spool and has an overload protection feature that assures a long life. The machine has a duty cycle of 50%, which makes welding easier.

The LOTOS 175AMP MIG 220V Welder allows you to have clean cuts of a wide range of surfaces and materials that include stainless steel, aluminum, and other conductive materials with minimum heat input. The machine is specially designed for DIY users while fully agreeing to the demands of the professional operators.

In short, the facilities that this welder provides makes it one of the best machines currently available. The package consists of the main machine, power supply, and a torch. It’s easy to set up, makes it efficient, and a must use for any beginner as well as professionals.


  • It has a two-step trigger that helps to release the gas first.
  • Perfect for the fabrication work,
  • Above-average duty cycle.
  • Highly durable and sturdy.
  • Powerful as well as versatile.


  • Not suitable for production lines.

How to Choose the Best 220V MIG Welder in 2021?


The brand and the manufacturing company is an essential factor that must be checked before purchasing a 220V welder. The Chinese and the Easter European manufacturers are not that reliable.

An expensive 220V MIG welder is better than the average cheap welder in terms of wiring and internal hardware. It offers high and premium quality features.

Duty Cycle

A duty cycle is the representation of the percentage of limited time before the welder machine overheats as you weld. This is an essential factor when you are considering the efficiency of your machine.

Overheating might damage the machine. So before purchasing a welder, you must check whether the machine has an above-average duty cycle or not. Buying a machine with a low duty cycle will affect its longevity.

Chassis of the Welder

The welder chassis also plays an essential role as it protects the entire machine and needs to be built with the perfect material. Rugged cases are preferred over the lightweight ones because they are more durable.

In some cases, a metal chassis is better because it is lighter than the other materials. The welder must also have a sturdy and solid handle. In case the machine is heavy, lifting it becomes more comfortable with a sturdy handle. A gas bottle handle is also considered to be a handy addition.

The Torch

A torch is an essential tool along with a welder, as it helps us to do the major welding jobs. The quality of the torch is a crucial matter as it is used by most of the welders. Some welder machines do not provide a torch as well.

So it is recommended to check if a torch is available with the welder or not. Euro quality torches are the best accessories for welding purposes.

Power Input and Output Level

The variants of power can have a real impact on the welding job. The auto-adaptive capabilities and the voltage stabilization feature is an essential factor before purchasing a welder.

The output power sources are connected to several electrodes that are available inside the welder. The power output is also important as it measures the time of the work. So it is wise to check the power level before purchasing it.

Wire Feed Speed

If you purchase a welder with low wire speed, the welding might not be suitable. It will result in forming the uneven weld. It is recommended to buy the machines in which the wire speed can be adjusted according to your gun.

The 220V MIG machines that can automatically adjust the speed are also good. These machines adjust the speed depending on the amount of power you’re supplying to it.

Lightweight and portable

The 220V MIG machine should always be lightweight and portable as it might need to be carried from one place to another and should not put too much weight on your hand. 

This will, in turn, minimize the need for extra storage capacity at your work or home. The lightweight MIG welders are perfect for home use.

What are the benefits of 220V MIG Welders?


Power is an essential factor that must be checked before purchasing a MIG welder. The 220V welder has a lot of power to produce productive output and proper welds. These machines are suitable for both light as well as heavy-duty welding works that are not possible with the 110V welder. 

Great for production

A great advantage of 220V MIG welder is that it is easy to control and operate overall with different production settings. These machines can be adjusted according to your requirements and can be used at any point.

In the case of the MIG welder, you do not have to do a lot for producing even welds, unlike the stick and TIG welds. The 220V MIG welder is best for welding purposes in small businesses and shops.


MIG welders are way better than the stick welders in terms of speed. While the other types of welders like TIG welders and stick welders, the MIG welders are majorly preferred in the business shops over others as it completes the work faster.

You can just flip your machine, open the gas, and start welding with the MIG welders. These welder machines can produce even and uniform welds faster as compared to the TIG and stick welds.


The best 220V Mig Welder that achieved the highest priority on my list is the YESWELDER Digital MIG 220V. Its above-average duty cycle, high versatility, and durability make it comfortable for users to a professional welder. 

However, there is no shortage of the best MIG machines available. You must check out the requirements properly before purchasing a welder. Several factors like power, wire-speed, durability, versatility, and the voltage rating must be checked before buying a welder.

The size of the 220V MIG welder might not fit all of you. Thus you must select the efficient welder that will fit all your storage spaces and can be carried everywhere. 

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