5 Best 110V MIG Welders In 2021 Reviewed & Rated

best 110 V MIG Welders

The Hobart 500559 Welding Handler is the best welder you will ever try. Its high durability, versatility, and above-average duty cycle have mastered all the features accurately.

MIG welders are basic welding machines that are used to do welding works using light to medium gauge metal sections. Such types of good enough welders in terms of longevity and providing quality welds.

At the low settings, this 110 V machine can also be used to make precise spot welds on thin panels of even an automobile body. Although several 110-volt MIG welding machines are available in the market, it becomes really difficult to survey and search for the best one available. 

So to make your task easy, I have reviewed some of the best and top-rated premium 110 Volt MIG welding machines. You can go through the reviews carefully and make your choice accordingly.

5 Best 110V MIG Welders In 2021 with Reviews 

1. Hobart 500559 110 V MIG Welder

Hobart is generally known for industrially graded welding and manufacturing equipment. As a piece of entry-level equipment for the company, this 500559 110 V MIG welder is highly reliable for light to medium duty workloads, personal use. It is also suitable for those who are interested in investments in the long term.

This machine is capable of welding a 24 gauge steel and up to ¼ thick mild steel. It can work on any standard household circuit, making it a perfect fit for those who have workshops at home. This machine also has a wire feed speed range of 40 to 700IPM.

Moreover, there are ten-speed settings equipped in this machine to do your task effectively. It can handle out a duty cycle of 20% at an output of 90A current, having an output range between 25A to 140 A. 

Further, the wide range of current capacity allows this machine to work on thin sheets of metals as well as on thick materials but at a slow pace. It also has a five-position voltage knob for setting that makes it versatile.

ThisHobart 500559machine is capable of delivering stable arcs against several materials as well as material gauges. If you have all other welding arsenals except the welder, you can go for this machine and make short of welding steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

In short, the Hobart 110V welding machine is one of the best MIG welders available in the market. Its versatility, durable build, and above-average duty cycle make it a must purchase for any professional welder.


  • Versatile
  • Durable build
  • Duty cycle above average
  • Ten different speed selector settings
  • Five varieties of output settings


  • Works on thicker materials at a slow pace.

2. Super Deal Pro Commercial 110V Mig Welder

This welding machine by Super Deal Pro is marketed as a household product that is used to do short work of light-duty projects. It is a lightweight machine and is highly comfortable to use when accuracy becomes the most important factor.

It is available in four output settings and has a control knob that can handle ten-speed settings. This machine can be used for feeding exactly as much wire is required and at the precise speed needed to get the work done.

A major setback is that it does not have a rugged build, but it is sturdy enough to handle the work in several environments. The welding machine does not heat up often like the other machines, and the PVC housing equipped on it is never too hot to touch.

In terms of accessories, this machine comes with a complete reel of wire, a chipping hammer, bush, ground cord, a torch with two extra tips, and a very nice protection mask. Considering its budget and the impressive output that this machine provides, the list of accessories is just icing on the cake.

However, an important thing to keep in mind is that this machine can not be used for heavy-duty projects and materials thicker ⅛”. While the welder can handle the heavier task, this machine will take a lot of time to finish the job on time.

Summing it up, this welding machine is a must for any professional welder going for lightweight jobs. Its beginner-friendly interface and above-average output make it one of the best Mig for welding purposes.


  • All important accessories are included
  • Beginner-friendly operation and interface
  • Value for money
  • Above-average output at low and medium voltage
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Not great with aluminum materials
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty projects

3. GoPlus Mig 110V Welder

This 110 V MIG welder by GoPlus is a lightweight flux core welder. It boasts an ergonomic plastic handle with a steel frame. With a maximum output of 105A, this machine is not suitable for heavy-duty welding jobs.

However, this machine is loaded with advanced features that can handle any lightweight welding task. It is equipped with a built-in storage slot for keeping the accessories and a high air vent that helps in the distribution of heat.

This machine’s thermal overload protection feature shuts it off when you do any task beyond its capabilities. It has a four-level current flow system that can be controlled from the control panel. The machine can also feed any wire at ten different speeds available.

Moreover, the accessories included in this machine are a welding gun, wire, mask, ground cord, wire brush, and a metal tip. This portable machine performs a good job of welding steel and a better job of preventing oxidation.

It can be used in any environment as long as you have access to 110V 20A current circuit. Given its performance and all its accessories, this machine is a perfect entry-level MIG welder with flux core welding capability. This machine can serve most of the welders, especially those who don’t want to spend too much time on the welding machines for light repair work.

In short, with its 4amp settings and 10 wire speed settings, this is one of the best machines for welding purposes. The machine has a durable body and a long wire cord, which is suitable for most of the homeowners for household purposes.


  • Ideal for sheet steel
  • Ten wire feed speed settings
  • Four amp settings
  • Durable body
  • Long power cord


  • Not suitable for thick materials

4. Easy Weld 261 110V MIG Welder

The machine uses a flux core wire. It is used for several applications like hobbyist and metal application, repair and maintenance, and many more.

This welder is a gasless machine that makes it ideal for DIY shops. It can deliver up to 140-ampere current that is suitable for ¼ inch mild steel. The current flow can be adjusted depending upon the thickness of the metal.

It also has a wire feed speed control that allows you to dial in the wire’s speed according to your requirements. The welder weighs around 19 pounds, which is portable and is suitable for both lightweight welding jobs.

Besides, the machine has an all-metal case that makes it sturdy as well as durable. It has several accessories that include a ground clamp, a MIG gun, and a big handle that is enough to roll off the wire.

In short, from cutting metals to doing all types of lightweight welding jobs, this is a premium quality welder presently available in the market. The machine is also portable, which means that it can be transported easily to several parts of the world.


  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Can weld up to ¼ inch thick metal.
  • Easy to use for the beginners.
  • It can be transported easily.


  • Spool guns must be purchased separately.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty jobs.

5. Forney Easy Weld 140 MIG Welder

This machine is used in many workshops as a dependable welder for light gauge. It can be used to stick, TIG, and MIG weld. Also, it is really handy if you require diversity in your welding job. This machine is highly reliable for lightweight jobs.

The Forney Easy welder is primarily designed as a MIG machine and does not include a TIG torch. But it has connector options for connecting the TIG torches. The machine is equipped with several safety features for the functions of the welders. It includes simple and unique welding modes as well as a fault indicator that is helpful and great for the beginners. 

Moreover, it has a weight of around 2.58 pounds that makes it portable as well as lightweight. For lifting purposes, the machine comes with a durable and sturdy handle. It also has a system of functioning the synergic as well as the manual mode.

The machine also has a temperature indicator equipped on it that alarms when the machine gets overheated. It also has an indicator sign that starts ringing when any part of the machine starts malfunctioning.

With the synergic mode, the curved arcs are optimized and monitored. Working with this welder machine reduces the amount of spatter that occurs as much as possible.

Summing it up, this machine is one of the most versatile welders currently available in the market. With multiple safety features included in it, the machine forms an important arsenal for a beginner as well as any professional.


  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Four different types of MIG welding modes.
  • Friendly for the beginners.
  • Includes safety features.


  • Lacks a foot pedal.
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty jobs.

How to choose the best Welding Machine 2021?

Gasless Welding

Gasless welding requires changing of polarity switch near the drive to alternate from solid wire to a flux-cored wire. In the case of gasless welding, the weld pool is separated from the oxygen by the flux core wire.

There are several benefits of gasless welding. Firstly the welder machine can be used in any environment or any position as there is complete protection from the atmospheric gases. The gases mainly include oxygen that is built into the MIG wire.

Secondly, since no protective gas from outside is involved, it becomes more efficient and cost-effective in terms of welding. Thirdly, it is perfect for beginners as it requires less skill for operating the welding machine.

Lastly, FCAW, which is a type of gasless welding, produces welds with very little to no porosity. It creates a solid form of mass throughout the weld.


One of the essential things that must be considered before purchasing a MIG welder is its output power. For using thin metals and home DIY projects, 100-ampere current is sufficient. 

A welder that has a maximum current output of 140 amperes is good because you will never know if you need to weld something much thicker. For welding 18 gauge metal, a current output of 30 amperes is enough.

If you are going to weld some fragile material that is around 22 gauge or 0.8 mm, then you need a welder with a current output of 20 to 25 ampere.

Wire Feed Speed

As the output power, the wire’s feed speed is also an important factor to look out for before purchasing a welder. If the speed is too slow, then the wire will disappear the moment it comes in contact with the metal that will finally create an uneven weld.

And if the speed is too fast, then the cord will reach out of the gun and cause too much spatter. If the machine is equipped with different speed settings, then there is less chance of any damage and will finally create an even weld.

The machine that is equipped with an automatic speed setting will relatively adjust the rate of power. If there are any small tweaks, the machine will manually override the fault within itself.

Wire size and thickness of the material

Wire size is very important before choosing a welding machine. The use of thin wires like 0.23 and 0.30 inches will prevent the burning of the light materials.

The use of 0.45-inch wide will help you with superior fusion while using more abundant metals. The two most common types of wires, ER70S-3 and ER70S-6, are perfect for welding all kinds of materials.

The ER70S-6 wire is typically used for rusty and dirty surfaces when more deoxidizers are necessary. The size of the wire will not play a major part in determining the type of the machine. But the device you are using will play an important role in determining the type and size of the wire you are using for welding purposes.


Welder machines can range in sizes from 40 lbs to several hundred pounds depending upon the power and its features.

The portability of a welder machine greatly depends on the kind of welding you are trying to accomplish. If you need to move the welder for a great deal, welder carts are available to make things easier.

On the other hand, you can weld up your car with the use of thicker material and strong welding pipes that will never fail you. A welding machine’s portability contributes greatly before purchasing it as in some welding jobs, and it requires taking the machine from one part to another.

Benefits of 110 V MIG Welders


MIG welders are way better than the stick welders in terms of speed. While the other types of welders like TIG welders and stick welders, the MIG welders are majorly preferred in the business shops over others as it completes the work faster.

Aesthetically pleasing

The other advantage of a MIG welder is that it will provide you with a cleaner weld. These welders use a spray arc rather than the popping system, which does not spread the splatter. The MIG welder does not require turning on the shielding gas to reduce spatter.

Weld Settings

Another advantage of a MIG welder is that you can control the machine’s settings to produce various types of the weld. Unlike the other welders, you can control the machine’s heat and amperage to produce a weld as per your requirement.

Summing it Up

The best 110V Mig Welder that achieved the highest priority on my list is the Hobart 500559 Welding Handler. Its above-average duty cycle, high versatility, and durability make it comfortable for users to a professional welder.

Before purchasing a welder machine, you need to know its requirements properly. You can start with the entry-level 110V MIG welder machines. The features that make a welder best are its versatility, power output, voltage rating, durability, portability, and its duty cycle. 

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