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about josh miller

Hey there! This is Josh Miller, founder of fusingtogether.com.

Welding and I have been fused together for more than 10 years now. I used to work in the maintenance department of a shipping company where welding became a part of my life.

Eventually, I developed an interest in welding and decided to pursue it as a hobby as well. I bought my basic welding kit just to try my hands-on DIYs out of the stuff from my store. To my surprise, I created some amazing things from it and one of them was a cradle for my newly born baby, Ben.

I worked quite hard on my basics such as on butt, edge, corner, tee, and lap joints. This kind of understanding motivated me to create a platform for all the enthusiast who is striving for excellence or is looking for various information and perfect welding equipment

I truly hope that write-ups on this blog will certainly aid you for better understanding and clarity of fabrication and manufacturing processes.

My Mission

In fewer words, I will try to give my best knowledge which may solve your pending and upcoming queries related to any process that involves welding. From choosing the best welders and cutters to their correct usage, we will definitely be your lifetime companion.

My Vetting Process

There is no end to knowledge and developing skills. Welding is one of those skills which can be a profession and a hobby at the same time. The young generation needs a quick solution for everything from the right tools to hacks and experts need to stay updated with the latest technology and improvisations.

To save your time and energy, I have tried to gather each and every ounce of information for all of you regardless of age and experience. To ensure the authenticity of everything cited in this website, I strictly followed a deep vetting process which is as follows:

  • Every day, I dedicate a decent number of hours to review various welding tools available in the market. After this, I earnestly vet them to make sure that all information should meet my 3-point-process: Safety, Comfort and Budget.

  • I strongly have an opinion that all the products I am listing should worth your every single penny now and forever. Thus, this sets you free from buying new things time and again. 

  • Generally, I prefer to list the products on which I have first-hand experience. However, every time it is not possible so I take reviews from real users who are mostly experts themselves.

What Is In It For You?

  • You will find welding tools that are comfortable, durable, safe to use, and economical. 

  • You will find recommendations suggested by real users rather than paid promotions. 

  • You will find how to make proper use of and get most of the welding tools that you buy.

If you are on board with this, I look forward to having you read my guides.

If you want to say hello or have any questions, I’d love to hear from you. Please send me an email at askjosh001@gmail.com.

Josh Miller